Health and the holidays – is it possible?

We’re deep into the silly season now and we all know what that means – parties, family functions and any other excuse to indulge in booze and tasty holiday treats.

So how can we stay healthy over the holidays and beat the Christmas bulge?

We’ve pulled together some handy tips:

It’s party time!

  • Try to eat a healthy meal before you head out to the office Christmas party or to your family get together. This way you’re not hungry when you get there and you’re less likely to absentmindedly pick up the decadent savoury pastries and chocolate covered almonds.
  • If you do have to eat the finger food, look for the healthier options. Vegetable sticks and hummus, rice crackers, fresh fruit and sushi. Try to avoid creamy dips, pastries (pies, sausage rolls), chips, lollies and cakes filled with cream or dripping in icing.

Poppin’ bottles!

  • When it comes to drinking, keeping to one or two standard drinks is best for your health. However, we do know that the party season means you might be letting your hair down!
  • Be careful of your serving size. A glass of wine is not necessarily one standard drink. And don’t be fooled by those little lines on the side of your glass – they’re catering marks to show the bartender/waitress where to fill your drink to, not a standard drink mark.
  • Give alternating a try. Every second drink, have a sparkling water or club soda.
  • Keeping track of your drinks can be hard when your drink is constantly being topped up before you finish. Say no to top ups and instead get a fresh drink – this way you know exactly how many you’ve had.

Get your body moving.

  • Make the most of our warm summer weather and get yourself outdoors. From swimming at the beach to playing backyard cricket with the kids, it’s all good for you.
  • Ask for a gym membership or fitness centre pass (this includes CrossFit or yoga and pilates studios) for your Christmas gift. What awesome motivation.
  • If you’re off on holidays make use of your hotel gym, or look into the fun activities your resort might offer – golfing, kayaking, hiking and water aerobics are pretty common.

Do you have a healthy holiday tip?

We’d love to hear from you – come let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

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