Flexible, no lock in plans. Pause or cancel at any time.

It’s only natural that your Chefgood meals are small batch handcrafted using quality ingredients by renowned chefs

Our chefs hand select produce based on what's in season, what's available locally and what's going to pack a nutritional punch while still tasting delicious

At Chefgood we don’t do boring, mass-produced and bland food. That's why we have a fresh new menu every week

Why Choose a Chefgood Vegan Meal Plan?

Fresh & healthy ingredients

We source our ingredients locally, and there are no refined sugars, preservatives or unhealthy fats in our healthy meals, so you know you’re getting high quality, super fresh vegan food. Our vegan healthy meals are brimming with fresh veggies, wholegrains, nuts and wholefoods.

Nutritionally balanced

We pride ourselves on delivering nutritionally balanced vegan meals which are developed by nutritionists and made daily by our chefs. All of our vegan meals contain high protein plant-based meals with nutritional ingredients such as tofu, chickpeas, lentils, beans and more..

Fresh new weekly menus available!

At Chefgood we never run out of ideas for new and improved vegan healthy meals. We change the menu every week, so you’re never bored by the same vegan foods, although we’re sure you’ll find some favourites!

Vegan meal plans for weight loss

Subscribing to Chefgood’s Slim & Trim vegan meal plans is the perfect way for vegans or anyone to achieve weight loss goals while enjoying healthy meals. The Everyday Wellness vegan meal plans may also help you lose weight even with larger portion sizes. Vegan food will provide the correct nutrition to support increased energy and performance.

Here's How it Works

1. Select your meals
Choose from an Everyday Wellness or Slim & Trim meal plan and select how many lunches, dinners and/or breakfasts you would like! You can also choose to add on some healthy snacks!

2. Place your order
Checkout before 11.30pm on a Wednesday in order to kick-start your regular meal delivery. You can pause or cancel at any time before the cut off time on a Wednesday.

3. Enjoy fresh meals delivered
Australians based in our delivery areas in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and the ACT love eating vegan ready-meals with convenient meal delivery services. Your delivery day will be regular each week, determined by your postcode.

Meal Plans to Suit All Diet Types

Vegan diets 
Vegans will love our plant-based meal plans containing delicious plant powered proteins such as lentils, chickpeas, tofu, quinoa and more!

Vegetarian diets 
Our vegetarian meal plans contain the same ingredients as a vegan meal plan, with additional meat free proteins such as ricotta and halloumi. Even meat-eaters will love these delicious plant-based meals.

Mainstream diets
We offer regular meal plans containing lean meats for those on a mainstream diet. We also have meal options for those on dairy free or gluten free diets!

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet can provide all the nutrition we need for good health. At Chefgood we put heaps of fun into a vegan diet though, providing a wide variety of fresh and healthy meals that are creative, exciting and restaurant quality. Along with great flavours and inspired food combinations, some of the potential benefits of subscribing to vegan meal plans include:

  1. Improved gut health
  2. Reduced inflammation
  3. A healthy bowel
  4. Lower cholesterol
  5. Lowered risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes
  6. Weight loss
  7. A cleaner, greener planet!

And when you choose to embrace a vegan diet with Chefgood, it includes super convenient vegan meal delivery services too! No shopping, no meal prep, no cooking and delivered straight to your Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra address!

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that Chefgood is the best vegan meal delivery service because our ready meals are devised by nutritionists and prepared by chefs. Once our meals are freshly made, they are delivered to your door in thermally controlled ice packs to maintain freshness. Chefgood offer the freshest, healthiest and most convenient vegan meal delivery service.

If you’re considering a vegan diet but don’t know how, Chefgood vegan meal delivery can be a great place to start. We know that switching from a meat diet can be hard, so we do the hard work for you! Our nutritionists ensure that all of our vegan meals contain your required daily intake of protein and nutrition. So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Chefgood vegan meals are filled with fresh, healthy and locally sourced ingredients such as:

  • veggies like cauliflower, sweet potato and green beans
  • wholefoods like brown rice and quinoa
  • superfoods like kale and broccoli
  • plant-based proteins such as lentils, chickpeas and tofu
  • natural spices like chilli and turmeric
  • and other organic ingredients

A vegan diet is great for weight loss due to the focus on healthy ingredients such as veggies, wholefoods and natural ingredients. However, some vegan foods like potato chips are still high in carbs and calories. Chefgood can help you maintain a healthy, low calorie vegan diet with our Slim & Trim vegan meal plans designed specifically for weight loss.