Tantalising Vegetarian Meals Delivered Across Australia

Despite what many might think, eating vegetarian need not be boring or lack in variety. Here at Chef Good, we’ve taken our same approach to tasty and nutritious food delivery at an affordable price, and have created a whole range of vegetarian meals to suit all non-meat eaters’ taste buds.

We’ve put together vegetarian packages that include a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, non-meat protein options, and all the other necessary ingredients that are vital for a balanced diet. All of our vegetarian packages include breakfast, lunch and dinner. We deliver across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold coast, central coast and Geelong.

Some of the tasty morsels you can find on our vegetarian menu include cinnamon, honey, apple and chia seed porridge, charred corn and pea fritters with jalapeno yoghurt, or a spinach and ricotta cannelloni with a hearty tomato and basil sugo. Check out our menu for more tempting options that you can get delivered straight to your door.

Our Approach to Meal Preparation

We cook and prepare all meals in our kitchen right here in Melbourne. You won’t find us adding any nasty preservatives or unnatural seasonings to any of our delivered meals. We add flavour and texture by using fresh produce in innovative ways that we source from local suppliers, so that you know you’re feeding your body only the best.

We recognise that you lead a busy lifestyle, so let us do all the shopping and cooking for you – once you order from us, all you need to do is serve and enjoy your delivered meal. It couldn’t be easier.

We consult with a team of dieticians and nutritionists to ensure that we can meet the unique dietary requirements of vegetarians. We also know that no two vegetarians are the same, and offer flexible meal packages which allow you to pick and choose from your favourite ingredients.

Order Today to Have Lovingly Prepared Vegetarian Meals Delivered to your Door

Our vegetarian meal delivery service is available across all Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide. Whether you’d like it just for the working week, or through to the weekend, we can deliver a package to suit your needs. We have a $11.00 flat-rate delivery fee and can deliver all of our packages to workplaces and homes throughout Australia. Order before midnight on Wednesday for delivery the following Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

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