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Vegetarian Meals Brisbane

What are good vegetarian meals in Brisbane?

Not only in Queensland, but right across Australia the vegetarian lifestyle is fast becoming a popular choice. But it’s not only the health and environmental benefits that are causing diners to swap turkey for tofu and ditch beef in favour of a tasty eggplant lasagne. Plant-based meals are set to thrill your tastebuds with a wide variety of fresh, wholesome flavours and exciting combinations.

Brisbane in 2021 has a great choice of vibrant vegetarian restaurants and even vegan restaurants for those that go the whole hog – or the whole tofu perhaps. So whether you prefer to eat gluten free, vegan or vego, there are enticing places to dine right across Brisbane – from South Brisbane to Fortitude Valley to the CBD and way beyond.

If you have abundant time in your day and plan to cook inspired meat-free meals seven days a week for your family, you’ll find Brisbane’s west end a fabulous place to shop among food stalls surrounded by organic cafes and  range of shops and restaurants providing diverse cuisines such as asian, middle eastern and more.

But if, like many Brisbane residents you can’t afford to eat out regularly, or the time needed to plan, shop, prepare and cook inspired, creative, entirely sumptuous meat-free meals yourself, then you need Chefgood.

Chefgood’s super delicious vegetarian meal plans are devised by a team of professional chefs, nutritionists and dietitians. These vegetarian meal plans are nutritious and delicious, and include some gluten free and vegan options. The ingredients are top quality, locally-sourced, seasonal veggies and whole foods.

Does Chefgood have vegan options?

Yes, naturally there are some vegan dishes in Chefgood’s Vegetarian meal plans. On the lunch or dinner menu the Thai Green Vegetable Curry & Brown Rice dish is a favourite with many, as is the Hot & Sour Eggplant with Yellow Lentil Dahl and the Spanish Cauliflower & Potato Braise with Olives & Quinoa. The whole family will love the Pea and Corn risotto while the Coconut Veggie Curry is another vegan option.

Where to get the best vegetarian meals in Brisbane?

Queensland people as well as Australians around the country enjoy tasty vegetarian options in their diet and many also require everyday meals with vegan options and gluten free options.

The most affordable, nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals that Brisbane people can enjoy are from Chefgood. Chefgood is a convenient, efficient and time-friendly way to eat well without spending a fortune in money or time.

Brisbane people also love Chefgood’s online ordering and delivery system because it is so easy to use. Go online to choose your weeks’ worth of Chefgood meat-free meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just lunch and dinner, five or seven days per week. You might choose to prepare your own breakfasts – but check out the breakfast menu before you decide – it’s yummo!

Chefgood’s meat-free dishes are hard to resist, especially when they are created with mouth-watering foods such as avocado, beetroot, halloumi, pesto, yoghurt, quinoa, lentils, buckwheat, eggplant and much more.

Just choose your meal plan and place your order online at Chefgood before 11:30pm Wednesday night for delivery to your door the following Sunday through to Tuesday, depending on your Brisbane postcode.

Taste the Chefgood Difference


Qualified Chefs that choose quality over mass production.


Only fresh ingredients sourced locally and packed with nutrition.


No limited choices, set menus or lack or variety.

How it Works


Choose your meal plan and select your meals from our seasonal menu with over 50+ options to choose from.


We source the best local Australian produce and meats, then our chefs create new, mouth-watering meals each week.


Once the meals are cooked to order, the delivery trucks hit the road every Sunday/Monday/Tuesday to deliver your Chefgood meals to your door.

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