9 excuses for not eating healthily it’s time to ditch

It’s time to ditch the excuses and get serious about healthy eating. So, in the name of letting go of silly justifications and reasons, we’ve collected nine common excuses for not eating healthily. More importantly, we’re telling you why they aren’t worth keeping.

“I’ve ruined my diet already so I’ll keep eating junk.”

Ah, what a classic! You’ve slipped up and eaten a bag of chips or half a pint of ice cream, so why not keep it up and go all the way? NO! We all make these tiny mistakes, and not just with food, but we can’t let them define more than a moment of our time.
Instead of throwing healthy eating out the window, accept that mistakes and slip ups happen and let it go! Allow your next choice to bring you back on to the healthy path.

“I don’t need to lose weight.”

Eating a healthy diet isn’t only for those who want or need to lose weight. Healthy eating is for everyone! Eating a nutritious diet will help you to stay healthy now and in the long term. And remember, weight alone isn’t an indicator of good health – there is a lot more to it!

“I’m too stressed!”

Reaching for the chocolate every time your stress levels rocket up is a short-term solution with long-term consequences. The thing with stress eating is that it feels great for a couple of minutes, but after that, you tend just to feel bad for eating in the first place. This makes total sense as if you’re stress eating you’re probably reaching for a sugary snack which will spike your blood sugar and be followed up with a sugar crash. Instead of hitting the vending machine when you’re feeling anxious, try meditation, yoga poses or even having a mini dance-off to your favourite tune.

“My family and friends don’t eat healthily.”

Well, guess what? You’re family and friends don’t control what goes into your mouth! And, by the same token, you can’t make them eat a healthy diet either. The only person you can take charge of is you, so now’s the time to do it. And the best way to get family and friends on board is to lead by example. Show them how a healthy diet can change your life and inspire them to make the change themselves too!

“I don’t want to let food go to waste.”

Many of us were brought up to finish everything on our plate (and then you get dessert!), but you’re an adult now, you can just eat as much as fills you up. You also have the ability to only put the right portion on your plate in the first place. If you’re worried about wasting food or serving the correct portions, just order CHEFGOOD, and we’ll do the worrying for you!

“I can’t cook.”

With the internet at your fingertips, this excuse is sounding lamer by the minute. YouTube a cooking tutorial, book a cooking class or Google a recipe. Alternatively, if you don’t want to learn how to cook (and we don’t blame you!), you can just order healthy meals from CHEFGOOD. Easy!

“It’s too expensive.”

While the latest superfood might seem expensive, it doesn’t mean that overall healthy eating is pricy. Shop in bulk and for fresh produce that’s in season to ensure you’re getting great prices and value for money. Alternately, try CHEFGOOD for as little as $8.55 a meal!

“Unhealthy food is everywhere.”

Look, we’re not going to deny that unhealthy food like takeaways, junk and processed food are convenient and at what seems like every street corner and supermarket checkout. The best way to avoid mindless food purchases or the cravings which lead to them is to eat a nutritious diet that makes you feel satisfied, one that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry.

“Healthy food is boring.”

We think this is changing, but healthy food has had a reputation of being boring, bland and tasteless – “rabbit food” as some might say. But at CHEFGOOD we promise you’ll never feel like your healthy food is any of these things. We strive to make delicious, healthy food with top-notch, local produce which you’ll never think of as dull.

“I don’t have the time.”

If you’re too busy to cook, but you’ve got the time to order a greasy pizza at the end of the day, then you’ve got time to order CHEFGOOD. Simple.

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