8 surprising facts about weight loss

Losing weight can sometimes feel like rocket science, and with so much information out there it can easily be overwhelming. We wanted to give you some hard facts today, and we think at least some of them will surprise you.

The best time to lose weight is right now

Yes, you heard right. The time is now. Not next year or on new year’s day. Not later. NOW.
It’s easy to say we’ll lose weight at a later date, but you’re only slowing down your progress and letting things get further out of hand. As we grow older, our metabolism slows, and our bad habits become more ingrained, making it harder and harder to start losing weight.
Do your future self a big favour and stop putting off a change in lifestyle, and get started today.

All calories ARE created equal

A calorie or kilojoule is a measurement of energy. Every calorie has the same energy content. That’s not to say all calories are nutritionally equal, in fact, they are not. But when it comes to energy, they are all the same.
When it comes to weight loss, it’s important to think about your overall energy intake and output, and also put some thought into what nutrition you are providing your body with. If this sounds all too hard, why not try our calorie-controlled meals which are designed by chefs and dieticians to ensure they are perfectly balanced?

Getting enough sleep helps

Getting your beauty sleep is an essential factor in your weight loss journey. Why? Sleep deprivation has a detrimental effect on your hormones, causing unsettled leptin (the one that tells you you’re full) and ghrelin (the one that signals hunger) levels. What does this do? It causes you to eat more than you need and to feel hungry when you’re not. Two things which aren’t going to help you lose weight. So, make sure you’re getting plenty of shut-eye.

‘Diet’ foods won’t help you lose weight

Super processed, low-fat, low-calorie, gluten-free and foods labelled ‘diet’ are usually exactly the opposite of healthy. These labels are frequently covering up for something else like high-sugar content, lots of additives or synthetics and other things you can’t pronounce. They are put there by marketers to deceive you into thinking you’re making a healthy choice. Your best bet is to avoid things in packets and eat fresh food that’s minimally processed.

Self-control feels good!

Who knew!? Research from the University of Chicago has shown that people who exert more self-control tend to have more ‘good moods’ than bad. In a subsequent online survey, researchers found that these people weren’t continually denying themselves, but they tended to put themselves in fewer situations where self-control was even required. What does that mean for you? It could mean avoiding the coffee shop (all those sugary muffins on display!) in the morning or ordering your meals online to avoid the supermarket temptations, or maybe even cleaning out every bit of junk food from your pantry (and not buying any more).

Fat doesn’t make you fat

We know that doesn’t sound right, does it? But the truth is, there is nothing inherently fattening about fat. As long as your intake of fat is within your healthy calorie intake range, fat won’t make you fat. Of course, just like we mentioned earlier, you want to keep nutrition in mind and eat a balanced diet that also includes plenty of healthy sources of protein, carbs, micronutrients as well as healthy fats.

Your partner’s weight matters

Studies have uncovered a link between obesity and social networks (not the online kind, the real-life relationships we have between family and friends). Research has shown that if your partner is overweight, you’re likely to be too. Logically this makes sense, you’re probably eating a similar diet and living a similar lifestyle. This also works the other way though! So, get your partner on board and make a positive change together.

You don’t need a gym membership

While a gym membership can be a good encouragement to get moving, it’s not a prerequisite for losing weight. There are plenty of activities you can do sans gym. Try walking, jogging or running around your neighbourhood, using free equipment in a local park or trying a YouTube workout. Weight loss is also about eating a balanced, nutritious and calorie controlled diet, so making sure you order meals with CHEFGOOD will tick that box.

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