56 ideas for your ultimate self care routine

Over the last few years, the self-care revolution has begun. Self-care is a declaration of self-love, claiming that you matter and are worthy of care! Unfortunately, this declaration often bangs up hard against ideas we’ve been taught about selfishness. But self-care isn’t about being selfish, it’s about taking the time to tend to ourselves so that we can become the healthiest, most vibrant versions of ourselves.

What does self-care look like in practice?

It is different for everyone as we all have different needs. Start by recognising when things feel out of alignment and looking for ways to change your life to realign yourself with the best version of you. Self-care is always changing and evolving with us.

In today’s post, we’re tossing you 56 self-care ideas that you could add into your own self-care routine. Remember these are just ideas for you to pick and choose from. Only select the ones you vibe with and leave the others on the shelf.

  1. Pick or purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers
  2. Take a walk sans headphones and smartphone – notice the beauty around you instead!
  3. Put a face mask on, hang up a ‘do not disturb’ sign and take a hot bath
  4. Block out time in your calendar every day for an undisturbed lunch break
  5. Take a nap
  6. Order CHEFGOOD meals for the week
  7. Go outside and dig your toes into the lush green grass
  8. Binge your latest Netflix obsession
  9. Visit the library and randomly select a new novel to read
  10. Lay under the stars
  11. Take a mental health day off work and don’t feel guilty about it
  12. Get takeout for dinner
  13. Go to bed early
  14. Take up a craft and listen to your favourite podcasts while doing it
  15. Put on your essential oil diffuser with your favourite oil blend
  16. Go to your favourite cafe and order a hot drink to be enjoyed without looking at your phone
  17. Try yoga
  18. Make a hot pot of tea to sip on
  19. Put on your favourite tune, and dance like no one is watching
  20. Go for a scenic drive that’s all about the journey and not the destination
  21. Get up before the rest of your family and take the time to do something just for you
  22. Write a gratitude list
  23. Start delegating – both at home and at work
  24. Get dressed in your favourite outfit and stop saving it for “good.”
  25. KonMari your house
  26. Write a ‘more and less’ list and stop doing the things in the ‘less’ column
  27. Watch the sunset without Instagramming it
  28. Say ‘no’ to something you don’t want to do
  29. Research an interest area just for fun
  30. Sleep in
  31. Edit who you’re following on social media – cull anyone that doesn’t make you feel good
  32. Hire someone to do the house cleaning and gardening jobs you detest the most
  33. Ask for a massage for your next birthday and actually go get it
  34. Cook a new recipe for dinner
  35. Help someone in need
  36. Take three deep breaths
  37. Visit a museum, art show or the theatre
  38. Book in the doctor, dentist or other health professional appointment
  39. Organise yourself the night before
  40. Take a few days off the booze every week
  41. Get a babysitter and go on a date
  42. Clean the car (or pay someone else to do it for you!)
  43. Start therapy or counselling
  44. Get your hair, nails, brows or lashes done
  45. Snuggle your kids or cuddle your loved ones
  46. Drink more water – set a goal and hit it daily
  47. Start a compliments file and collect nice things people say about you
  48. Journal
  49. Plan to play every day
  50. Meditate
  51. Turn your phone to ‘do not disturb’ at 9pm every night
  52. Start a stretching routine
  53. Give yourself a massage with coconut oil and lovely scented essential oils
  54. Notice five beautiful things on your commute to work
  55. Laugh – with friends, at a funny YouTube video or with your kids
  56. Plan your next ‘holiday’, even if it’s a staycation where you just turn your phone off and stay home.
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