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Weight Loss Meals

What are the best meals for weight loss?

Chefgood’s dietlicious 350 calorie weight loss meals are the best meals for weight loss for so many reasons!

All Chefgood’s healthy meal plans are made by our professional chefs using local produce and natural, wholesome foods free from preservatives, unhealthy carbs and sugars.

Not only do the Slim & Trim and the Vegetarian meal plans provide fresh meals designed for weight loss, but the low carb, high protein, quality ingredients constitute healthy eating, so you can lose the weight and keep it off long term while becoming fitter and healthier.

Chefgood is a lifestyle, a way of eating great tasting healthy meals five or seven days a week. It is not a fad diet; it’s not keto or paleo, and it doesn’t require fasting or starving yourself. Chefgood provides sustainable fit food in the most convenient fashion – delivered fresh to your home every week.

Some diets are highly restrictive and hard to stick to, but Chefgood is a way of life, not a diet. Within the Chefgood weight loss meal plans there are gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian meal options and the odd vegan meal too.

Choose to enjoy Chefgood’s weight loss meal plans which include breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just lunch and dinner. Also select five or seven day meal plans – the choice is yours.

How to make a meal plan for weight loss?

To design a healthy meal plan for weight loss there are many things you need to know. The right portion sizes and number of calories is just the beginning. Unless you’re a nutritionist or a dietitian, you could make weight loss easy and ditch the meal planning, shopping and food prep, leaving it to the experts at Chefgood.

Time poor Australians definitely don’t have the time or energy for devising their own meal plans for weight loss. They achieve their weight loss goals by subscribing to Chefgood and ordering their favourite fresh meals from the Slim & Trim and Vegetarian 350 calorie dietlicious meal plans.

These healthy meals are created by chefs with the input of nutritionists, ensuring the optimum nutrition is provided via essential vitamins, minerals, healthy carbs and proteins. Portion control is measured, calories are counted, you just have to order, receive, and enjoy.

How to order weight loss meals?

The health-conscious people in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne locals are subscribing to Chefgood’s healthy weight loss meal plans online and enjoying totally dietlicious meals, freshly made and delivered to their home every week.

The online ordering system is easy. The hardest part is choosing which great tasting, unbelievably delicious meals made with wholesome food for weight loss you want to eat!

The Slim & Trim or Vegetarian 350 calorie meal plans are the best way to lose weight while enjoying healthy eating. Simply subscribe online and select your favourites (ok, we know that’s hard). Submit your online order by 11:30pm on Monday night so that our meal delivery service can bring your weeks’ worth of freshly prepared healthy meals to your home or workplace from the following Sunday. The delivery day is determined by your postcode, so it is always the same.

Got questions? Check the FAQs or the How It Works page. And… well done! You’re on your way to achieving your weight loss goals the healthy way.

Taste the Chefgood Difference


Qualified Chefs that choose quality over mass production.


Only fresh ingredients sourced locally and packed with nutrition.


No limited choices, set menus or lack or variety.

How it Works


Choose your meal plan and select your meals from our seasonal menu with over 50+ options to choose from.


We source the best local Australian produce and meats, then our chefs create new, mouth-watering meals each week.


Once the meals are cooked to order, the delivery trucks hit the road every Sunday/Monday/Tuesday to deliver your Chefgood meals to your door.

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