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Calorie Package Who Is Right For This Package?
Slim & Trim
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
(350 calories per meal)
Women wanting to lose weight
Men & Women with a sedentary lifestyle
Train & Tone
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
(450 calories per meal)
Men & Women who regularly exercise
Muscle Building
Weight Management
Breast Feeding Mothers
Snack Packs
Morning & Afternoon
(275 calories each)
For those who need a bit extra to get them through the day, or crave that afternoon sweet kick but want to ensure they aren’t going to overeat


Still not sure? Contact one of our nutritionist’s at or 03 9553 1156.

We are about managing your weight goals long term in a gradual and sustainable way that helps you stay motivated and feeling your best!

The average Australian eats in excess of 3000 calories a day. Our Chefgood daily meals are between 350 to 450 calories per meal. If you reduce your calorie consumption by 1000 calories per day you can lose up to 1kg a week – this is a healthy weight loss goal.

A healthy and sustainable diet is one way you can lose weight. Paired with regular exercise, you’ve got a winning combination!
80/20 RULE: 80% Healthy Eating & 20% Exercise
Chefgood takes the hard work out of healthy meal planning; you only need to take control of the other 20%, to achieve this you only need to exercise three times a week, for at least 30 minutes, make sure you sweat!

Definitely not! Our bodies require carbohydrates as an energy source, especially when exercising. It is all about balance and making healthy decisions, when selecting your Chefgood meals, keep this in mind, choose meals with brown rice over white rice and limit your pasta meal to 1 a week.

Of course, there is no reason to hibernate while you are on your weight loss journey; after all, this journey is about sustainability and long-term healthy habits!

Here are Chefgood’s top 5 tips on how to eat out and still lose weight:

  1. Skip the appetizer – avoid the pre-dinner rolls or garlic bread!
  2. Portion Size – for weight loss, this is key! Order entrée size and a healthy side.
  3. Skip the dessert – have a healthier option at ready at home, you may find by the time you get home, you’re no longer hungry!
  4. Make healthy swaps – vegetables or salad over chips, with dressing on the side.
  5. Limit your alcohol – limit yourself 1-2 standard drinks, avoiding those extra calories and cravings!

No way! Chefgood isn’t about starvation or hunger pains. Our meal plans are designed to leave you satiated and satisfied. You might find yourself a little hungry in the first few days of transitioning to our portion controlled meals, but we promise your body will quickly adjust. Plus our food is so delicious you probably won’t even notice!

Absolutely! Here at Chefgood, our expert team of nutritionists and head Chef’s have partnered with Diabetes Australia to create Diabetic Friendly, ready to eat meals, taking the stress out of shopping and preparing meals for a low GI diet!

Certainly! Here at Chefgood, we understand that life is busy, we fit so much into one day and something generally has to give, for some that is healthy eating and for others it is exercise, or both! We provide healthy, ready to eat, calorie controlled meals that take away the stress of finding time to cook, you can now lose weight and spend time with your new bub!