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Chefgood healthy meal plans are designed by nutritionists. With a range of meal plans suited to specific requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, weight loss and weight maintenance, there is the perfect meal plan for you at Chefgood. Handcrafted by chefs using top quality, fresh ingredients and delivered to your door, Chefgood offer flexible meal plans and healthy meals full of flavour and freshness.

Why is meal planning important?

Meal plans help to ensure that you eat a regular, balanced diet consisting of fresh ingredients. Meal planning is crucial to weight loss as it helps to regulate portion sizes as well as the quality of the food, meaning you are less likely to grab unhealthy fast foods if you have your meals planned in advance.

Which Chefgood meal plan is the best?

All Chefgood meal plans offer quality ingredients, exciting flavours and supreme freshness while being suitable for a range of dietary preferences. Made by chefs, our quality meals offer home cooked freshness with restaurant quality craftsmanship.

The best meal plan for you depends on your needs. They all offer either 350 or 450 calories for weight loss or weight maintenance, while the Mix & Match meal plan provides the opportunity to select both.

For those on a weight loss journey the Slim & Trim meal plan provides smaller portion sizes for sustained weight loss. These exciting meals are full of flavour, created using inspired weight loss recipes with deliciously fresh ingredients and no hidden sugars.

The Train & Tone meal plan offers 450 calorie meals for weight maintenance. Even those who enjoy cooking love the extra time they have to train when they order the totally tasty Train & Tone meal plan.

Vegetarians and vegans enjoy plant-powered 350 calorie meal plans designed with a variety of flavoursome, naturally nutritious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What if I want to make changes to a plan?

We change our menus each week so our meals never become boring, but you can also change your preferences simply by logging into your account before Monday night at 11:30pm and making your new selections.

Which meal delivery service offers the best meal plans?

Chefgood are renowned for offering the best range of healthy meal plans made from locally sourced, fresh ingredients and suitable for a range of dietary requirements. Chefgood healthy meals include gluten free and dairy free meal options and we offer both vegan and vegetarian meal plans.

Our weight loss meal plan offers dietlicious meals which are full of nutrition and flavour, and all our meal plans provide fabulous flexibility. You can choose your number of meals from two or three per day, and you can elect a five day or seven day meal plan.

Compare meal plans and you’ll find that flexibility, freshness, quality and flavour are what make Chefgood healthy meal plans the best in Australia.

How to order meal plans at Chefgood?

Order your first healthy meal plan online from Chefgood. Simply choose the ideal meal plan for you, then make your specific meal choices from the inspired menu options. When you add your selections to the cart and complete your details your weekly subscription to Chefgood is complete.

The automatic billing system saves you time, but it’s easy to make changes such as pausing or cancelling your subscription if you need to simply by logging into your account.

When your order is placed by Monday at 11:30pm, your healthy meals will be delivered fresh to your door each week, on a day determined by your postcode. Yes, it’s that easy!

Taste the Chefgood Difference


Qualified Chefs that choose quality over mass production.


Only fresh ingredients sourced locally and packed with nutrition.


No limited choices, set menus or lack or variety.

How it Works


Choose your meal plan and select your meals from our seasonal menu with over 50+ options to choose from.


We source the best local Australian produce and meats, then our chefs create new, mouth-watering meals each week.


Once the meals are cooked to order, the delivery trucks hit the road every Sunday/Monday/Tuesday to deliver your Chefgood meals to your door.

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