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Weight Loss Meal Plans

At Chefgood, weight loss meals mean great taste and variety:
  • HEALTHY - We work closely with our in-house nutritionist to ensure our prepared meals are low calorie and as healthy as possible.

  • PORTION CONTROLLED - 350 quality calories per meal is just right for your sustainable weight loss goals.

  • CHEF-MADE - Our qualified chefs hand-make each meal. We choose to make our meals from scratch over mass food production because we know handmade tastes best.

  • NEW MENU EVERY WEEK - Since we run like a restaurant, we have the flexibility to change the menu constantly. Unlike a traditional diet, Chefgood is never boring, never bland - that’s a promise!

Our Most popular Weight Loss Meal Plans:

Taste the Chefgood Difference


Qualified Chefs that choose quality over mass production.


Only fresh ingredients sourced locally and packed with nutrition.


No limited choices, set menus or lack or variety.

How it Works


Choose your meal plan and select your meals from our seasonal menu with over 50+ options to choose from.


We source the best local Australian produce and meats, then our chefs create new, mouth-watering meals each week.


Once the meals are cooked to order, the delivery trucks hit the road every Sunday/Monday/Tuesday to deliver your Chefgood meals to your door.

What is a good meal plan for weight loss?

Chefgood healthy meal plans offer an enjoyable and nutritious way to achieve your weight loss goals with ease.

Devised by dietitians and handmade by professional chefs, our Slim & Trim easy weight loss plans are filled with 350 calorie fresh meals. With breakfast and snack options available to add on. These meat and plant-based meal plans deliver great value and even greater taste!

The Slim & Trim package offers meal plans with high protein lean meats or plant-powered proteins. They include lots of fresh ingredients like hummus, sweet potato, lentils, couscous, pesto… is your mouth watering yet?

Are vegetarian and vegan weight loss meal plans available?

Yes! You can find a selection of vegetarian and vegan meals within all of our meal plans. We also offer 350-calorie vegetarian and vegan weight loss plans too! The Slim & Trim Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Plan are calorie and portion controlled. So you can enjoy inspired menus of low carb, plant-powered, super healthy meals with great flavours and variety.

Why should I try a vegan or vegetarian weight loss meal plan?

A vego diet is beneficial for weight loss because it will leave you feeling lighter and more motivated. Cutting down your meat intake can cut out the ‘bad fats’ that you consume. What’s more – plant based proteins are packed full of extra vitamins and nutrients. With a healthy diet comes a healthy lifestyle. So you can enjoy health and fitness benefits with a vegan or vegetarian diet.

In addition, a vego diet also reduces your carbon footprint and benefits the planet. You can easily switch to a meat free diet with Chefgood, for a cleaner and greener future.

Many Australians are choosing to cut down their meat intake. And some people want to, but just don’t know how. People often ask: “But how will I get my daily protein intake?” With Chefgood, we make it simple. Dieticians and chefs carefully curate our vego meals to contain enough plant-based protein to sustain you. You will be left feeling satisfied and nourished with these nutrient packed meals. Some of our favourite meat free protein alternatives include chickpeas, lentils, tofu, edamame and beans. So leave the hard work to us and start your meat free weight loss journey.

What is the best food delivery for weight loss?

When you subscribe to any of the Slim & Trim ready meals you say goodbye to meal planning, shopping, meal prep and cooking. Your weight loss journey becomes SO much easier! It’s time to change those unhealthy eating habits, and switch to a weight loss eating plan!

Our Slim & Trim range contains 350 calorie meals, curated by dietitians to include all the nutrition you need. This is the easiest way to ensure portion control, while also consuming all the necessary veggies and protein. Knowing the right portion size can be hard. That’s why we do all the hard work for you. You won’t find an easier or more enjoyable weight loss program.

We offer home delivery of your weight loss ready meals one day per week set by your postcode. So you’ll have more time in your day for calorie-burning activities which also helps you to achieve your weight loss goals. At least that’s what people on the best weight loss plan all over Australia are saying!

You’ll find the Slim & Trim menus change every week. So you won’t become bored on a Chefgood weight loss journey. In fact, that hardest part of losing weight with Chefgood is choosing between all the delicious ready meals! With a variety of yummy options, you’re more likely to stay motivated and sustain your long term weight loss goals.

You can also choose to include healthy snacks with your order. So you can cure those sweet treat cravings – guilt free! Our healthy snacks include trail mix, hummus & carrots, protein balls, banana bread and more!

Which meal delivery service is the healthiest?

Fresh is always best. And at Chefgood our healthy meals are made as fresh as can be! We ensure the freshest and healthiest meals because:

– We shop for the best quality local produce. With all-natural ingredients and no added sugars.
– Our dietitians and chefs whip up totally delicious and nutritious meals.
– We package the ready meals in special thermally-controlled packaging. So they arrive at your door as fresh as they left our kitchen.

Slim & Trim is a diet plan not just for weight loss but for healthy eating. We don’t just count the number of calories in each weight loss meal. We ensure the calories are full of goodness so you gain the optimum nutrition from every dish. You’ll find lots of high quality, locally-sourced fresh fruit and veggies and lean meats in your Chefgood healthy meal plans.

What is the highest rated meal delivery service?

The Slim & Trim meal plans are rated top quality by Australians for several reasons:

– The meal plans are devised by dietitians and the ready meals freshly prepared by chefs.
– The healthy food is made fresh and delivered to your door in thermally-controlled packaging.
– The 350 calorie meals with controlled portion sizes are satisfying yet ideal for weight loss.
– Vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters can achieve their weight loss goals with diet-specific meal plans.
– Slim & Trim meal prices are affordable, starting at just $10.30 per meal.
– Flexible meal plans allow you to order lunches and/or dinners with breakfasts and snacks available as optional extras.
– We offer delicious meals with gluten-free and dairy-free options also available.

What is an affordable weight loss meal delivery service?

From just $10.30 per meal, our meal delivery service offers great value for money. So from $144 per week, you could get lunch and dinner every day! Easy as a click of a button. You can also add a healthy snack for every day of the week from just $31.50. With healthy, portion controlled, chef made meals, you’ll be sure to get bang for your buck!

Who are weight loss meal delivery services suitable for?

Our 350 calories-per-meal weight loss meal plans are perfect for anyone on a weight loss journey. But they are also ideal for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans with busy lifestyles. If you enjoy healthy eating, delicious food, losing weight the healthy way, and living a healthy lifestyle – Slim & Trim is for you!

Our delivery areas are all over NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and ACT for your convenience.

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