Winter willpower – motivation to move your body

When it’s cold outside and it can be easy to make excuses to stay snuggled up on the couch. If you’re looking to keep up your physical exercise this winter, we’ve got a few tips to help boost your motivation!

1. Set some goals

Set a winter workout goal to keep yourself motivated. It could be to shed a few kilos by the time spring rolls around or to beat your PB running around the neighbourhood. This is especially helpful if you’re a results-driven personality type or like to work hard to hit a deadline.

2. Hire a trainer

There is nothing more motivating than paying someone to train you. Number one, you’ve paid them so you are definitely going to show up! Number two, trainers are the masters of motivation – they will push you to your limits. If a trainer is out of the budget, try a group fitness class for a similar vibe.

3. Kit up

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable exercising in the outdoors. Depending on where you live (and, let’s be honest, Australia isn’t THAT cold!) you might need to invest in some winter activewear like thermals, gloves or a beanie.

4. Make it sunny

The dark mornings of winter can be a total motivation killer. Recreate sunlight with lamps and make sure you’re pulling back the blinds for optimum amounts of the sun while it is there.

5. Train with a friend

Working out with a mate keeps you accountable, driving you both to turn up to exercise when maybe neither of you really has the motivation. Plus everything is more fun with friends!

6. Book a new class

Try something new to keep your motivation levels high. Try booking in for hot yoga (awesome in winter!), or a hip hop dance session or maybe even take up MMA fighting! The options are endless.

7. Treat yourself

You know those goals you set? Well, make sure you reward yourself when you reach them. We love the idea of a treat of the healthy kind – like new activewear or a week of Chefgood meals delivered to your door!

8. Jump in the shower

Feeling sluggish in the morning? Don’t lay about checking Instagram and drinking coffee under the duvet, get your butt straight into the shower. The water will energise you and will make you get dressed quicksmart post-shower.

9. Try a new outdoor winter activity

It’s winter so make the most of it! Hit the slopes for snowboarding or skiing or maybe you can take a hike through the winter wonderland.

10. Tech up

If you’re goal-orientated, using a Fitbit or Apple Watch to track your calories burnt or steps walked can be awesome motivation. If you don’t want to invest in tech, you can use social media to your advantage by making a commitment to share your workouts online – keeping you accountable!

11. Warm up inside

Before you hit the chilly weather outside, get the blood pumping with a few warm-ups inside. Try push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks or even running on the spot for a quick temperature boost.

12. Remind yourself WHY

Figuring out your WHY is key to keeping up a long term exercise routine. So ask yourself, why is it that this is important to you? Do you want to be fitter so you live longer? Can keep up with your kids? Feel comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans? Whatever your ‘why’ is, remind yourself of it daily to keep your motivation through winter.

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