Don’t slip back into bad habits! F45 maintenance meals

A challenge is one thing, a long-term lifestyle change is another. And we want to help you sustain (and better!) the results you’ve achieved in this F45  Challenge.

Whether you’re taking the next challenge and you want to get in front of the eightball, or you just want to continue to support your health, CHEFGOOD is ready to step up.

Keep that six-pack, continue to lose the kilos and, most importantly, sustain those energy levels!

Global Winner Challenge Winner Ellie Parker talks about why the maintenance phase is so important and how she continued to gain muscle and drop fat in this short video:

We want to be your long-term partner in your health and sustainable weight management, so leave the grocery shopping, calorie counting and meal prepping to Chefgood. Think about the HOURS of time you’ll be saving!

Continue to reduce your body fat, get leaner and feel better about yourself. Choose your meals before 11:30pm Wednesday.

Happy maintenance phase,

The Chefgood Team

P.S. If you order during the maintenance phase you’ve got the chance to win 8 weeks of free meals. Congrats to the last winners Ken Burt and Antonia Albanese!

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