How A Meal Delivery Service Can Support You In Times Of Crisis

During unprecedented times of crisis such as those the world is facing in 2020, we need to find ways to adapt and diversify to keep our lives functioning as best we can. COVID-19 presents Australians with new challenges daily, from shopping restrictions to working from home or making tough decisions such as whether our children are better off at home or in school. By working together to support each other, we can hopefully minimise the impact of the pandemic as much as is possible.

We’re concerned not only for ourselves and our families but the vulnerable people in our society, such as people over the age of seventy, those who are immunosuppressed and people with underlying health conditions. Here at Chefgood, we’re doing everything we can to ensure that our service continues safely, not only for our regular customers but also for those who are seeking an alternative to visiting the supermarkets or are having trouble accessing food supplies.

Home Delivered Meals Help Those At High Risk Stay Home

We all want to help and support the people who need it, but in doing so are we putting them at risk? How can we best provide care for our senior citizens and those with health conditions who may be self-isolating or at least unable to shop and cater for themselves during times when a strong immune system is vitally important?

Utilizing the services of a healthy meal delivery service such as Chefgood could be the answer. By helping the vulnerable access a ready-made meal delivery service, you can sleep well at night knowing that high-risk people are safe indoors (hopefully with a good supply of toilet paper) and are not going hungry. In fact, they may even be eating better than usual.

It’s not only during a health crisis such as that which we’re currently facing as a society, Chefgood meal delivery is also a thoughtful way to support those people we care about during other times of illness or life challenges such as grief.

Pre-Made Meals Provide Optimum Nutrition When Food Supplies Are Limited

There have been many desperate shoppers trying to access basic supplies for their families, only to be greeted by empty supermarket shelves and left feeling vulnerable. Having ready-made meals delivered, allows everyone to ensure they have access to nutritious food even as this crisis worsens. Most of Chefgood meals can be frozen and used when needed if they aren’t being used as an everyday meal option.

Unfortunately, many people are choosing to stock up on processed foods which aren’t fresh, wholesome or nutritious. As our bodies rely on essential vitamins and minerals for immune health, a better option as the risk of COVID-19 looms, is to eat a variety of fresh, naturally healthy foods high in vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, antioxidants and folic acid. These nutrients are crucial to our immune strength and for protecting our cells when under attack from disease.

Chefgood meal delivery service offers meal plans which are designed by nutritionists and freshly prepared by in-house chefs, you know that optimum nutrition is inevitable – and that is just what the doctor ordered right now. Good food = good gut health, and good gut health is the key to strong, healthy immune function. In this war against Coronavirus, why would we not arm ourselves with the strongest possible immune systems?

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Look After Each Other

Let’s be honest, nobody is looking forward to going into lockdown, self-isolation, social distancing or living in a society which resembles an apocalypse. Even our most introverted introverts can’t be feeling excited about the possibility of months spent at home with social media our main source of contact with the outside world.

With this rather bleak outlook, it’s important for our mental health, to try new things and find new ways to create stimulation as well as relaxation, and to provide ourselves with something to look forward to each day.

Let’s not go down the path of emotional eating during this stressful period, but we can find solace in food as long as it is healthy, calorie-controlled food which fuels our bodies with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals we need. It’s time to reflect on our relationship as food and health as a society.

With Chefgood the menu changes each week and you can make your own meal selections online by 11:30pm (AEDT) each Wednesday night. Your meals are freshly made by professional chefs before being packaged in thermally stable ice packs and delivered to your door. Pop them in the fridge ready for quick, delicious and highly nutritious meals either two or three times per day – you choose.

Order online – it’s a safe, reliable and nutritionally beneficial way to eat during this stressful period of our lives.

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