New for Summer: Tastes from Cuba, Mexico and Thailand

This season sees Chef Good jetting off around the world. Bringing you back taste sensations from the likes of Cuba, Mexico and Thailand – just to name a few!

Check out the seven new additions to the Chef Good menu options below.

Parmesan crumbed chicken and beetroot salade russe with yoghurt vinaigrette

Tasty chicken tenderloins encrusted in panko crumbs, parsley & aged parmesan. Served with “beetroot salade russe” (Russian beet salad), a staple of any French delicatessen, finished with a healthy yoghurt vinaigrette.  We’re covering all of the vegetable colour bases here – red, green, orange and white.


Wholemeal zucchini, honey & nutmeg bread with orange blossom yoghurt

Made with wholemeal flour, zucchini, Greek yoghurt, spices and local Melbourne honey, this healthy bread is low in fat and sugar, high in veggies and fibre.  Served with a Greek inspired orange blossom yoghurt. Yum!


Cuban style pulled pork tacos with tamarind pineapple salsa

Slow cooked and spice rubbed pork shoulder, shredded and served with crunchy cabbage in a La Tortelleria white corn tortilla. Finished with a “sweet & sour” tamarind and pineapple salsa. We’re not messing around when we call this guy a taste sensation. Your mouth will thank you.


Handmade potato gnocchi, pumpkin burnt butter & sage

Head to Italy with this popular new dish. Fluffy just-made potato gnocchi, caramelised roast pumpkin, finished with burnt butter & sage. An Italian classic for a reason. Don’t be put off by the burnt butter, a tiny bit goes a long way and adds an unbelievable flavour punch.


Thai fish cakes, mee goreng bok choi & choi sum

Inspired by the Tod mun pla of southern Thailand, but using fantastic Australian salmon and trevally, these light and tasty fishcakes work so well with our vegetable packed Mee goreng. A must for any Thai food lover. Actually, for any food lover!   


Pesto crumbed salmon fingers with sauteed zucchini, potato & cherry tomato

Head back to the Italian homeland once more with this classic combination of pesto and salmon, served with lightly sauteed zucchini, potato and cherry tomatoes. A light meal that hits the spot and packs a nutritional punch.


Blackened chicken quesadilla, with smoked cheese & pico di gallo

Slow cooked blackened chicken and melty smoked cheese pressed in a flour tortilla served up with a zingy pico di gallo, a Mexican style tomato salsa. If you didn’t already want to head to Mexico, you will after this spicy little number.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Chef Good menu and get ordering!

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