3 easy ways to enjoy vanilla and nut muesli

Did you know an acai bowl or fruit and bircher muesli breakfast choice in a “designer” cafe might easily nudge 600-700 calories?

And that doesn’t even take into consideration your fresh juice or coffee you have with it!

While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself, this isn’t a great choice for your everyday breakfast. A quick and easy alternative is to have your own muesli bowl at home. Better yet, we can deliver one right to your door!

Humble old muesli can get a bad rap for being a boring choice, but we think differently! Here are three ways you can enjoy your muesli.

1. Enjoy with fruit and yoghurt


Number one is super simple – and the way you’re probably already enjoying our muesli!

Simply top your muesli with some fresh fruits like blueberries, strawberries, cherries, banana or apple. Try and pick a fruit that is in season, and bonus points if it’s grown locally (quadruple bonus points if you grew it yourself!).

When it comes to yoghurt, make sure it’s good quality – no cheap and nasty stuff made with gelatine and other fillers.

Want to make it even easier?!

We’ll take care of the whole thing for you. Our muesli comes in a tub with our own fruit compote and organic natural yoghurt – YUM!

If you’ve got some leftover muesli in the pantry we’ve got two more creative ideas for you!

2. Take your brunch to the next level

Try adding some muesli to your pancake mixture or adding a sprinkle to the top of your uncooked muffins. The muesli will add extra crunch, and taste delicious once toasted!

Try to use whole food ingredients. Whether you’re cooking pancakes or muffins, use a whole wheat flour and think about using something like mashed banana as a natural sweetener.

3. A tasty (healthy!) snack

This one is perfect for a hot summer day, and kids love it!

Peel and slice a few bananas in half. Coat with a natural nut butter (almond and cashew are perfect) and roll them in your muesli to coat. Place on a baking tray covered with non-stick paper. Place in the freezer till firm.

What a great snack, quick breakfast or even dessert.

Note: Look out for a nut butter that is 100% nuts – no fillers, added oils, sugar or salt!

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