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Cardio, or aerobic exercise, is defined as “a rhythmic activity that increases the body’s need for oxygen by using large muscle groups continuously for at least 10 minutes,” by Fitness Australia. Sounds pretty simple right? Then why isn’t everyone doing it?

Cardio. Whether it’s running, taking it out on the boxing bag or taking on the stairmaster, it’s tough!

But love it or hate it, it’s also really good for you.

Why do cardio?

Cardio exercise is one of the very best ways you can burn energy – that’s calories and kilojoules! When you’re moving your body and getting your heart rate up, it increases your need for energy. It’s the perfect way to burn off excess calories.

Another excellent reason to add cardio into your day planner: it will better your heart health. The heart is a muscle, and like all other muscles, when you use it it will become stronger! Getting your heart into shape is pretty simple, just get that heart rate up regularly with your cardio exercise of choice.

Different types of aerobic exercise

As we said a couple of week ago, the key to a regular exercise routine is finding a type of exercise that you genuinely enjoy. This way you’re more likely to stick with it and make it a sustainable lifestyle change.

So, we’re going to give you some different options to check out. Give them all a try or maybe just the ones that stick out to you. Have fun and experiment – it’s all good for you after all.


No gym required! Get your runners laced, grab the dog, a friend or partner, and get your feet out and onto the pavement.


The perfect accompaniment to those hot Melbourne summer days. Find your local aquatic centre, borrow a friend’s pool or slip into the ocean to get that heart rate up.


Join a troupe or have a dance off in your kitchen. Find a playlist on Spotify that really gets you moving and just go for it – no audience, no judgement, just you you shaking your sweet thang!

Aqua Aerobics

For those that find straight swimming a little bit on the boring side. Get yourself into the pool and take your heart rate up a notch with this low-impact cardio option.

Group Fitness

You’ll find group fitness classes at most gyms, but also check out your local council’s website for a community class timetable. Group Fitness can include things like boxing, MMA style exercise or spin (cycle) class.

Over to you – it’s time to get moving!

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