#askchefgood Why is portion size so important?

Thanks to movies like Super Size Me, it’s pretty well known that portion sizes in the US are out of control. But, did you know that the Australian diet is only just behind?

In Australia, we’ve lost sight of what a healthy portion size looks like. Even when we’re eating seemingly ‘healthy’ foods we tend to eat way too much of them without even realising it.

Unfortunately, the right portion sizes are anything but obvious!

Things like meat and dairy are calorie dense so we need to eat smaller sizes of these things compared to fresh veggies. Yes, we know it’s confusing! So we’ve put some tips together for you.

Help! How do I decrease my portion size?

  1. Shrink your plate

No, you’re not imagining it, dinner plates have actually been getting bigger! A bigger plate means more room to fill and you’re probably doing it without even realising it.

Try using smaller flatware. It’s a simple trick to serving less.

  1. Don’t go for seconds (or at least wait 20 minutes)

It takes 20 minutes after you begin eating for the signals to reach the brain that you’re hunger is being satisfied. This means if you’re heading back for seconds you’re probably not actually hungry anymore!

Try to avoid a second helping, or at least give your brain the opportunity to get the messages first.

  1. Order an entree when you eat out

Instead of eating a full-size main meal when you’re eating out, order from the entree menu instead.

Still feeling hungry? Order a side salad sans sugary processed dressing.

  1. Let Chef Good do the work for you

All of our meals have been carefully designed to fit within three calories-per-day categories. By eating with Chef Good you know exactly how many calories you are consuming each day – 1200, 1500 or 1800. It’s the perfect way to make sure you’re getting exactly the right amount of food.


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