How to: Make sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle

At CHEFGOOD we aren’t fans of fad diets. Number one, they’re not healthy for you. Number two, they never last!

We’re all about sustainable and long-term lifestyle changes, not quick-fixes. So in today’s post, we’re sharing our best tips for how you can make your own sustainable, healthy lifestyle improvements.

Don’t go to extremes

The fastest way to fail at a new ‘diet’ is by making a drastic and extreme change. Like only eating bananas, or just eating protein-rich foods, or only drinking juice.

Not only are these diets potentially harmful, but they’re also not sustainable. You just won’t be able to keep them up in the long term (if you even manage it in the short term!).

Keep accountable

This works best when you’re accountable to someone else. Check in with your partner, friend or family member daily – whether it’s a phone call, email or just a quick text.

Let them know how you’re doing, what’s working well and what you’re struggling with. Ask for support if you need it. Support might look like joining you for a park walk, or it might be some tough love (if that’s your style!).

Don’t go hungry or deprive yourself

Let’s face facts; if you’re hungry all the time, it’s a matter of time before you break your diet. Your body requires energy to run and depriving it of fuel is a recipe for disaster.

A more sustainable change in your diet which includes delicious food, that’s not going to leave you hungry, is CHEFGOOD’s meal delivery service. Our chef-made meals are portion controlled and gratifying. The perfect solution if you’re looking for long-term results.

Slow down

Eat your meals sitting down, turn off the TV, put the iPhone down and focus on enjoying your food. Eat slowly and mindfully, and you’ll be less likely to overeat.

Clear the decks (of junk food)

There’s nothing more tempting than having food you know you’re not supposed to have in the pantry or fridge. Avoid temptation and clear your kitchen of unhealthy snacks and food.

Once you’ve cleared out the nasty stuff, only buy things you know are healthy for you. Or just order from CHEFGOOD.

Burn it off

Let’s be realistic here; sometimes you’re going to indulge in some foods you know aren’t the best for you. That’s 100% okay – we’re all human.

When this situation inevitably occurs, don’t berate yourself or give up. Burn it off! Jump on the treadmill, or hit the bike track or simply lace up your shoes and take a turn around the neighbourhood.

Eat beforehand

Heading to a party or function? Know there is going to be a tonne of naughty food there? Eat before you go!

Eat a healthy meal or snack before you leave to avoid binging, overeating or mindless snacking wherever you’re headed. This way you can enjoy the company of friends without worrying about making bad food choices.

Don’t use the ‘I don’t have time to cook’ excuse

Excuses are an easy way out and won’t leave you feeling excellent in the long run. If you have no time to cook, work around that by getting your meals delivered straight to your doorstep or office. We can help!

Focus on your ‘why’

What is it that’s motivating you to make these healthy changes to your lifestyle? Get specific and write down your reasons as well as your goals.

Focus on these reasons when things feel tough, and you’ll be more likely to make your changes stick long-term.

Keep healthy snacks at hand

Eating healthy gets a little harder when you’re out and about, away from your home or office. This is where wholesome snacks come in handy.

Avoid processed foods and keep wholefoods with you for snacks. Try unsalted nuts, a fresh smoothie, hummus and veggie sticks or a low-sugar cacao brownie. Take the guesswork out of healthy snacks and let us bring them to you.

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