Morning routines that win

Having a morning routine which works for you is crucial to set you up for a successful and productive day. Each morning is an opportunity for you to set the tone of your day. To start afresh and set yourself up for a day packed with energy and momentum.

A good morning routine starts the night before

You heard us. The best time to start your morning routine is the night before. This might mean prepping your meals for the next day (or order CHEFGOOD instead!), writing out your to-do list or laying out your workout gear for the morning.

Review your day

Spend some time in your morning routine reviewing your to-do list, daily goals and tasks. What’s most important? What’s urgent? What MUST get done today?

Stay focused but be flexible

Stick to your morning routine when you can, but be adaptable when your needs change. Sometimes an hour-long workout isn’t feasible, that’s okay! Occasionally you’ll need to catch an earlier train to work, that’s perfectly fine! Stuff comes up. Don’t beat yourself up about adapting your morning routine.

Morning routine ideas to try:

  • Schedule your day in your planner
  • Workout /yoga/Pilates
  • Meditate
  • Morning pages/journaling
  • Review your goals
  • Eat a nourishing breakfast (how about dukkah spice poached eggs, spinach and goats fetta on six-grain toast?)
  • Read a chapter of your book
  • Stay away from social media
  • Crank a motivating playlist
  • Get outside

Be inspired

Take encouragement and motivation from these famous faces’ morning routines.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer starts her day with hot water and lemon, followed by washing her face and sitting in meditation for 20 minutes.

Elle Macpherson

Elle begins her day with breathwork and intention setting. She is also a fan of hydration, drinking half a litre of water on waking. She eats her breakfast mindfully, quietly and usually outside. After this alone time, she moves on with her day, waking the kids up and getting them to school.

Cate Blanchett

Cate starts her morning routine the night before, laying out her morning essentials before heading to bed.

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s day begins at 6 am, either hitting the treadmill or going for a run outside around her gated community. After cardio, she works out listening to RnB or classical music.

Zoe Foster Blake

Zoe jokes that her routine isn’t showy – no green smoothies or yoga. She starts her day with the kids and eats a bowl of porridge, probably with a side of emails.

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