Meet the Chef Good team: Pastry Chef Olivier

Meet Chef Good’s pastry chef, Olivier Cutter.

meet chef good olivier

Olivier was born in Paris and trained in France before coming to Australia. He joined Chef Good after seeing a position advertised online which he thought was a great opportunity.

Over to Olivier:

What can we expect from Chef Good food?

Fresh, healthy and gourmet food

What is your favourite food to eat?

Street food

What is your Favourite cuisine to cook?

French cuisine and Japanese cuisine

What is your Favourite kitchen gadget?

Rational Oven

Have you had and great mentors in your time?

Yes, Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Felder

What is your earliest memory of food?

A beautiful Osso Bucco cooked by my mum

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Playing soccer, going to the cinema and hiking

Are you ready to sample some of Olivier’s delicious cooking? Check out this week’s menu here.

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