How to: Instagram like a foodie

Sure, we know a good food photo on Instagram when we see one, but how do they get the food to looks so delicious, scrumptious and enticing!?

Today, we thought we’d share some food photography secrets with you so you too can Instagram like a foodie. We love to see your snaps, so make sure you tag us or use #chefgood!

how to take food photos foodie

How to take food photos

Natural light

Snapping your food in natural light is the easiest and most simple way to get a well-lit shot. Since we’re not professionals we don’t have things like studio lights, reflectors or light boxes at our disposal so make the most of the sun and shoot in natural light. If you’re able to, try and shoot your pics in ‘golden hour’, the period shortly after sunrise or shortly before sunset. Also be careful of shadows – no one wants an awesome photo marred by a shadowy arm and iPhone ruining it.

Tip: Overcast days can make for seriously beautiful even light so get shooting!

Shots from the top

As you may have noticed, many of the amazing food photos you see on your Insta feed are shot from above. Shots from the top give your photos an editorial feel and allow you to focus entirely on the food. Dodgy background? No worries! A cafe full of people? No problem! Shooting from the top is perfect when you need to get the pic but you can’t control your environment. Plus it’s super easy to arrange all your elements so the overall composition of your photo makes sense visually.

Choose your background wisely

As a newbie food photographer, a neutral back drop is key. Your neutral backdrop makes sure that your food remains the star of the show. A neutral backdrop doesn’t have to mean boring! Instead, use your background as an opportunity to complement the food. As a rule of thumb, a light background looks good with light coloured foods and the same goes for dark backgrounds and dark food. You can also try a wooden background like a table of chopping board. And we’re certain you’ve seen photos on Instagram of food held up against a white wall!

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Hold your breath

It’s unlikely you’re going to be shooting your latest latte art pic with a camera and tripod set up. Most probably, you’ll be whipping out your iPhone to capture the creativity of your barista. A hot tip to getting a well-focused photo on your phone is to hold your breath while you take the shot. This will nix any wobbles or movement, allowing you to get the clearest pic possible.

Get involved

Food photos don’t have to just feature food. Adding a human element can really take your pic to the next level. Try a hand using cutlery to create a sense of movement, or maybe your hand holding the mug to give the viewer a sense that it’s from their perspective. Don’t go overboard here, remember that your food is the star of the show so should remain the main focus of your photo.

Make it simple

As with most things, keeping it simple is best. Don’t overcrowd your shots, add things for the sake of it, or go overboard with the background or surroundings. Keeping your photos simple is often the best way to ensure the strongest visual impact. Less is more!

So now you know how to take food photos we want to see your snaps! Tag us in photos of your Chef Good meals by tagging us or using #chefgood.

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