Ingredient Spotlight: Eggs | Egg Nutritional Benefits

The humble egg. A friend of the body builder and the vegetarian. Full of amazing nutrients and the perfect source of protein for most.

We love eggs here at Chef Good so today we wanted to share six benefits of eggs with you.

Help reach your weight loss goals

I think by now we all know that the weight loss equation is. More calories out than in will leave you with a calorie deficit, assisting you losing those few (or many) extra pesky kilos. Something to keep in mind when we’re lowering our calorie intake is still keeping our nutritional intake adequate. An egg contains about 75 calories, pretty low, yet is high in essential nutrients like protein, iron and vitamins D and B12.

Promote brain health

Got a big presentation coming up? Or maybe you need to ace a test for your MBA? Perhaps you simply want to improve your memory. Eggs might be the answer. The yolk of an egg contains choline, a precursor for acetylcholine which is responsible for enhancing memory and general cognitive processes.

Healthy eyes

Move over carrots there’s a new eye superfood in town! The magical yolk of an egg contains high amounts of lutein. Lutein is an antioxidant that lives in the eye and helps to prevent macular degeneration. According to the Macular Disease Foundation of Australia, macular degeneration is the leading cause of legal blindness in Australia and is responsible for 50% of cases of blindness. Scary! Egg yolks also contain another antioxidant, zeaxanthin, which protects the eyes against UV damage and along with lutein will reduce the risk of developing cataracts.

Shiny hair and healthy nails

Our hair and nails are mostly made out of the protein keratin. Keratin helps keep our hair, nails and skin strong, shiny and elastic. While we can’t eat keratin, we can eat foods which help our body to produce it and, you guessed it, eggs are a great choice. Sulphur-rich amino acids are the building blocks for keratin, and protein rich foods like eggs contain plenty of dietary sulphur.

Protect your bones

Once again, it’s the yolk of the egg that contains the key ingredients for this benefit. Egg yolks are rich sources of vitamin D, in fact, they are one of the only food sources of this important vitamin. Vitamin D plays an essential role in helping the body absorb calcium. Without it, you could intake all the calcium in the world but not reap the bone health benefits.

Protein, protein, protein!

Eggs are well known as the perfect, portable package of protein for both omnivores and vegetarians alike. The protein in an egg is pretty evenly split between yolk and white with about 3g of protein in each part of a single egg. Most importantly, an egg’s protein is particularly special because it contains a perfectly balanced amino acid profile. As we’ve already mentioned, amino acids are the building blocks to build new proteins as well as cells and tissues.  

Has all this talk of eggs given you a hankering for this white and gold superfood? Us too!

Check out our Garden herb scrambled eggs, feta baked tomato, six-grain sourdough toast with butter and our Mediterranean egg, tomato & spinach pie. And then add them to your menu for delivery to your door.

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