4 foods that are better than a protein shake

Do you remember a time before protein shakes? We do!

foods better than a protein shake

Contrary to popular belief, you can get all the protein you require from your diet – sans shakes. In fact, when you’re chugging a shake instead of eating a meal, you’re missing out on a few important things:

  • Fibre: A protein shake might fulfil your protein requirements, but most don’t include a substantial amount of dietary fibre.
  • Micronutrients: While some shakes are fortified with nutrients, you could be missing out on lots of your required vitamins and minerals by skipping meals for shakes.
  • Signals to your brain: When you take your time to eat your brain will be sent messages letting it known when you’re getting full. By sinking a shake you’re not going to get these signals and you can over eat easily.
  • Proper digestion: Did you know digestion starts in the mouth? Yes, that’s right, your saliva is the beginning of digestion, starting to break down foods while you’re chewing. No chewing means you’re skipping this important step.

Let’s talk whole foods now. Real food that we promise is just as good nutritionally, if not better, than a protein shake. Bonus, they taste WAY better!

1. Tuna

food better than a protein shake

Tuna is a protein powerhouse! You’ll find that this tasty fish packs a whopping 30g of protein per 100g, making it an ideal candidate for a shake alternative.

Tuna is also a low-calorie food, so if you’re looking to keep kilojoules under control, this might be the perfect snack or meal for you.

2. Quinoa

food better than a protein shake

Vegan or vegetarian? Even if you’re not, quinoa is still an excellent protein food with a complete amino acid profile.

Eat with vegetables or add chicken for a great post-workout meal that’s going to hit the protein-spot every time.

3. Greek yoghurt

better than protein shake

Did you know Greek yoghurt has double the amount of protein compared to regular yoghurt? Crazy right!

You’ll find about 10g of protein per 100g of Greek yoghurt, making it a perfect protein-rich food. Plus it tastes a whole lot better than a shake.

4. Eggs

foods better than protein shakes

This one is a no-brainer! Whether you like them scrambled, sunny side up or poached, eggs are an excellent source of protein and the perfect snack or meal post-workout. Make sure you’re eating the whole egg as protein in an egg is pretty evenly split between yolk and white. Eggs aren’t just great as a protein shake alternative, find out more about why we love them in our article here.

Check out our options like Garden herb scrambled eggs; feta baked tomato, six-grain sourdough toast with butter; and our Mediterranean egg, tomato & spinach pie. And then add them to your menu for delivery to your door.

But wait, I only have protein shakes because they’re convenient!

We get it. A protein shake is simple, easy and doesn’t require you to step into the kitchen. But guess what? So are Chef Good meals!

No cooking, skills or time required. Just pop your order in and we’ll do the rest. Just as easy and WAY tastier than a protein shake. We pinky swear.

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