Things to do on Valentine’s Day (instead of cooking)

It’s Valentine’s Day this week, and Chef Good wants to make sure you and your honey have a romantic day or night. We don’t want you slaving over a hot stove to impress your love or being disappointed by a kitschy couples’ dinner at your local restaurant. Nope, we want you to have actual fun – turning Valentine’s Day from ordeal to extraordinary.

We’ve selected five of our favourite Valentine’s date ideas for you to pick and choose from. We’re going for fun and unique here, not overdone and simpering. Oh, and if you don’t have a Valentine – we’ve got you covered too.


Sign up for anti-gravity yoga

Now, before you tell us that yoga isn’t for you (especially hanging from the roof), we want you to go into this with an open mind and a spirit of fun!

Anti-gravity yoga is held in studios with specially designed hammocks or silk slings. You’ll be swinging through the air and lengthening your spine in no time. Look out for studios that offer a beginners’ class so you and your soulmate can learn the basics together.

Go to hang out (literally!), challenge yourself and, if you’re already a yoga practitioner, deepen your existing practice – all with the one you love!

A quick Google will show you there is probably a yoga studio that offers anti-gravity or ‘aerial’ yoga near you.


Share the love – volunteer for the day

Is there anything more in the spirit of love, than sharing it? We don’t think so.

Instead of spending big on a candlelit dinner for two (which has been done before – at least a million times), why not get together with your Valentine and spend some time volunteering for a local charity. You could help out at your nearest op shop, or maybe support an animal shelter?

Whatever charity you choose, take to your volunteer work with an air of sharing the love around.


Get artsy at home

There’s no need to spend big on an art class if you don’t have the cash to splash. Simply head to your local dollar store and pick up some of the basics at bargain basement prices – think canvases, paints, brushes and other mixed media (feathers, cardboard, glitter and glue sticks are just the beginning).

Take your haul home and get to work on your next masterpiece. Take brush to canvas with no expectations, just have a little fun. Maybe you could even work on a shared piece with your soulmate.

Whether you dig what you create or not, this date is all about the process. Enjoy getting messy and expressing yourself. Appreciate that your partner might be getting vulnerable by making art with you. Most of all, delight in love and whimsy!


Put pen to paper

What could be more heartfelt than putting your love into words? Not much, we reckon.

Whether you write a poem, a power ballad, or maybe even a rap song, let your amore know exactly why you love them so. Thank them for all they do for you. Riff on the qualities that make them your perfect match. Walk down memory lane, and make promises for the future.

If you’re a married couple, you could use this as an opportunity to revisit your marriage vows, maybe even updating or adding to them.

Don’t be embarrassed, or worried that you won’t find the right words. This idea is all about being vulnerable, baring your soul and getting that little (or big) bit closer to your Valentine.


No date? No problem!

Don’t have that special someone to spend your Valentine’s Day with? Don’t be bitter, be creative!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about romantic love – celebrate love in all its forms. Get together with your close friends and take on one of the above ideas. Or get on the phone to your parents and let them know just how much you love them. Spend the day being silly with your siblings, cousins or the people who aren’t family, but feel like they are.

Or ditch them all for a night of self-love. We’re talking all out pampering. Face masks, pedicures and indulgent dark chocolate. Or why not spend the night on the Xbox with a couple of beers? Whatever treating yourself looks like, choose February 14 to make it happen. And don’t worry about cooking – order your Chef Good meals now.

We’d love to know if you’ve given one of our Valentine’s Day date ideas a go – let us know on Instagram and Facebook.


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