The healthiest choices at the coffee shop

If like many of us, you love your daily caffeine dose administered from your local cafe, you might be wondering what the healthiest order is. Because the truth is, some serious calories are being poured into coffee. We’re not just talking about the obviously-bad-for-you cream topped frappes, and caramel swirled mochaccinos. There are some more under the radar calorie-dense orders rolling out of the cafe. But that’s not our focus today, this post is all about the healthiest options! Think of this as your new coffee menu.

Order a small

The easiest way to cut down on kilojoules is to cut your order down to a small. Forget the extra large, trenta (that’s bigger than a venti!), grande and masai sizes. Whatever your order, a smaller size is going to help you manage the sugar and fat in your drink. Of course, if you drink your coffee black with no sugar, the smaller size won’t really affect calories.

Say NO to flavourings

While a vanilla latte sounds delicious, the vanilla added is usually a sugary syrup. This goes for caramel, mocha, hazelnut and any other flavour your coffee shop sells. Also look out for chai – while this is traditionally a tea, many cafes make theirs with syrup.

A full-fat cappuccino, please.

Leaving your milk whole is going to add flavour to your drink, meaning you can skip adding sugar or other sweeteners. It’s also going to be higher in protein, suggesting a more satisfying beverage. Adding a sprinkling of cocoa on top of your frothy coffee also adds a touch a luxuriousness!

Choose cold brew

Cold brew’s lengthened brewing process tends to impart a sweeter flavour and less bitterness to the drink, meaning you are less inclined to add sugar. A cold brew is usually higher in caffeine too, meaning your order of a ‘small’ still has a lot of oomph.

Skip the whip

Saying ‘no’ to cream is the easiest decision you can make all day. You’ll be ditching almost 100 calories, just like that.

Order a long black, no sugar

A long black or Americano, with no added sugar, is the best way to get your caffeine hit without the empty calories. It can take a while to get used to drinking coffee sans milk, cream or sugar, but a talented barista working with quality beans should help your transition. No additions will also mean you can appreciate the quality of the coffee more.

Ditch the holiday beverages

While a pumpkin spiced latte or peppermint spiked flat white sound fun and festive, these seasonal drinks will cost you extra $$ and are loaded with sugar. Just say ‘no thanks’.

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