How to: Choose the best pre-workout snack

You’re ready to workout; you’re feeling peckish; you need a snack. What do you reach for?

It depends on what sort of activity you’ll be doing. If you’re going for something high in intensity, your best bet is carbs to boost your glycogen stores. For something less intense, turn to fat which will help fuel your body for longer. “What about protein?” we hear you ask. Protein is suitable for either type of exercise and will assist with muscle protein integration and in recovery.

Your timing is also essential. Two to three hours before a workout look for a meal of around 400-500 calories which contains a good source of protein and complex carbs.

Half an hour before a workout consume a light snack, maybe some simple carbs and protein.

All bodies are different though, so choose something that works for you and tweak to suit the type of physical activity you’re doing.

What to eat:


A traditional breakfast that’s not only good in the mornings, it’s also a great snack before an evening workout.


A portable, whole food which is excellent before a workout. Including simple carbs, natural sugars and potassium, a banana is a satisfying and solid option for 30 minutes pre-workout.

Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt contains more protein than its regular counterpart making it a hit before the gym. Add fresh or dried fruit to provide your body with a natural sugar hit before your workout, helping to boost energy.


Don’t think we’ve forgotten this classic. Whole eggs are perfect packages of muscle-building protein, amino acids and fat. Best to eat a few hours before your workout.

Apple slices with nut butter

A convenient snack that doesn’t require refrigeration. Containing the big three when paired together – carbs, fat and protein – an apple with nut butter can be your best buddy pre-workout.

Sick of thinking about your snacks?

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