Is it possible to stay healthy over Easter?

Is it possible to stay healthy over Easter? YAS QUEENS! (and kings.) With a little planning, a couple of swaps and some ingenuity, it’s 100% possible for you to stick to your healthy ways over Easter.

Don’t let the choccie eggs derail your health, take back control and use our advice to keep yourself tight, trim and terrific this Easter long weekend.

We’ve collected our top healthy Easter tips for you today:


1. Portion size

Look, you’re gonna eat chocolate over Easter – that ship has sailed. But what you can do is remember not to eat ALL of it, ALL at once.

To help with portion control, we suggest avoiding large easter eggs altogether (go for little or mini ones) and only have a limited amount in the house. We all know when you unwrap and crack a big egg it’s hard to stop till the whole thing is gone, so simply avoid the temptation. Same goes for having lots of eggs in the house, buy only one packet, and then you can’t overdo it.


2. Choose healthier options

News flash: You don’t have to buy into the chocolate easter egg tradition if you don’t want to. And you don’t have to deprive yourself either! Choose sweet options that are a little more on the healthier side – fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, organic yoghurt, refined-sugar-free brownies etc.

You can also choose to give these healthier treats instead of chocolate to your friends, family and children.


3. Keep up the snacks

What happens when you’re hungry between meals, and there is a bowl of chocolate eggs nearby? You guessed it, you start with one, and suddenly you’ve eaten 20.

Avoid the situation above by eating healthy snacks regularly. Try for low GI foods which will help keep your blood sugar levels even – no sugar crash for you!

You can order snacks as a part of your CHEFGOOD meal plan, check out your options over here.


4. Keep active

Don’t let the Easter festivities put out your workout routine; you’ll definitely feel better if you keep it up instead of succumbing to a sugary food coma.

With all the chocolate around, your calorie intake is probably on the up and up over the Easter period so use your long weekend to add some more physical activity in. Take the kids for a hike or bike ride, visit the gym for a couple of extra sessions or switch it up by taking your honey rock climbing.


5. Quality over quantity

Back away from the bowl of cheap and nasty Easter eggs sitting on the counter in the staff kitchen. Step away from the sugar-laden creme eggs by the checkout. Quit stealing the kids’ chocolate from their morning Easter egg hunt.

Swap them out for good-quality, dark chocolate instead. You’re looking for something that’s 65% or above. You’ll still get your sweet, chocolate fix without mountains of sugar. As a bonus, you’ll top up on free-radical fighting antioxidants.


6. Remember to eat breakfast

We’ve told you why breakfast is so important before. And we mean it.

Start your day right with a healthy and balanced meal to break your overnight fast. Eggs (not the chocolate kind), wholegrain toast, organic yoghurt and fruit or low-carb porridge are all great options. Let us deliver them straight to your door.

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