Ingredient Spotlight: Broccoli

When is broccoli the star of the show? Not very often. But we think it’s is underrated!

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Chef Good loves to use broccoli because we love the taste but we also know it has a whole bunch of health benefits associated with eating it.

Reduce your cholesterol

Broccoli will lower your cholesterol because it has a lot of soluble fibre. Not only this but in some research, it’s been shown that certain varieties of broccoli have the ability to lower the levels of LDL-cholesterol in your bloodstream by up to 6% – this is going to reduce your risk of coronary artery disease.

Good for the heart

Aside from reducing your cholesterol levels, this green vegetable also has some great anti-inflammatory properties which will help to improve your cardiovascular health. Broccoli contains the anti-inflammatory phytonutrient sulforaphane which also has well established anti-cancer properties.

Strong bones

Like other cruciferous veggies, good old broc is rich in both calcium and vitamin K. Vitamin K is a nutrient crucial for the creation of osteocalcin, a protein only found in bones. It has been shown that Vitamin K has the ability to increase bone mineral density as well as reduce fracture rates!

Top up that fibre

Dietary fibre is important in:

  • aiding digestion,
  • preventing constipation,
  • maintaining low blood sugar and
  • in turn keeping you feeling satisfied and reducing that hungry feeling.

Men you’re looking for about 30g of fibre in your diet a day and for women, it’s sitting at about 25g. A cup of broccoli is going to give about 5.1 grams of fibre – win!

Adding things like this super green veggie shouldn’t feel like a chore, that’s why we’re happy to do it for you. Top up your broccoli levels by adding Kung Pao Chicken, Chinese broccoli & brown rice or Green sambal tofu, coconut & kaffir poached vegetables to your next Chef Good delivery. Easy as that.

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