Easy Tips for Sticking to a Healthy Eating Plan

The Challenge of Healthy Eating in Our Go, Go, Go Culture

Sticking to a healthy eating plan can be a real challenge in our go, go, go culture. Most of us understand the basics of healthy eating, but turning that knowledge into action is another story. If you find yourself always on the go, without a lot of time and stressed out from work and social commitments, eating right might be the last thing you want to think about, but it shouldn’t be.

When you fuel your body with the right stuff, it gives you the energy and stamina you need for everything else. A fast food burger and fries with a big caffeinated soda might give you a quick boost at lunch but likely make you feel sluggish and slow an hour later. So if you are one of those people that find it hard to put your healthy eating goals into action, consider our easy tips for getting on track and sticking to a healthy eating plan.

Do the Math

Are you trying to stick to a 1200 calorie diet to reduce or are you comfortable maintaining your current weight with a 2000 calorie diet? Do you know what your calorie requirements actually look like when it comes to your meal and snacks? You don’t necessarily have to count every calorie to maintain a healthy weight or even reduce, but you should have a good idea of how many calories you are consuming and how to eyeball your portions to stay on track. For a few meals, take the time to actually measure out portions and add up calories. Then look at the plate or even take a picture with your phone. Now you have an easy go to meal with approximate portions. Do this a few times and you will have a roster of healthy eating choices to choose from.

Eat Healthy By Planning Ahead

Even very busy people have time to eat healthy, it just takes a little extra strategising. Do some meal planning and grocery shopping Sunday. When you get your items home you can do a little healthy eating planning that keeps you on track all week. For instance, divide that bag of roasted almonds into proper snack size portions. Chop up fresh vegetables and bag. Make a whole wheat pasta, chicken veggie dish for dinner on Sunday and lunch on Monday. Cook some whole grain oatmeal for your breakfast on Monday and Tuesday. Then Monday morning, you can warm up your oatmeal, throw your lunch and snacks in a bag and head out the door. If you grab a bag of trail mix and just eat, you are likely to go way over your intended portions but if you have pre-measured portions of healthy snacks ready to go, you can quickly refuel without going off your healthy eating plan.

Don’t Go Into Battle Unarmed

Ever heard the adage about the best defense is a good offense? The idea here is to anticipate issues that might make sticking to a healthy meal plan difficult before you make head into a diet disaster. Going to a party where you might usually blow a healthy eating plan by overdoing it on drinks? Identify one or two lower calorie/lower sugar cocktails and resolve to have just two. Going to a fancy steakhouse that could easily find you blowing a whole week’s worth of calories? Check their website menu ahead and figure out how you can enjoy a good meal without completely derailing the healthy eating guidelines you have set for yourself. Perhaps you can order the smaller, leaner but still delicious filet rather than the gut-busting, fattier rib-eye. Maybe you can get the sautéed snow peas or asparagus and skip the loaded baked potato. If people in your office bring donuts and sweets often and this tends to be your downfall, steer clear of the breakroom and pack a healthy breakfast or snack. This way you won’t be so hungry that you can’t go without that day old donut.

Go Pro & Eat Good Food

If you find yourself without the time or inclination to go it alone or prep your own snacks and meals, consider a healthy meal service.  A well-planned, fresh meal service can give you all of the things you need to stick to your healthy eating goals. In order to meet healthy eating objectives, food should be fresh and tasty. Too often people opt for the canned, packed and frozen meals but if it doesn’t taste good and even look good, it won’t be long before you toss it in favour of food that tastes good but might not be in keeping with the healthy goals you have set for yourself. Getting fresh meals and snacks delivered or picked up has some distinct advantages when it comes to sticking to a healthy eating plan. First, if you are busy, busy, busy, problem solved. You don’t have to count calories and prep vegetables and research delicious nutritional meals, someone does it for you. And of course if the food is chef planned, you are likely to get a palate pleasing variety that makes sticking to a 1200 calorie diet much easier than if you were to try to make it on carrot sticks and turkey. A healthy meal delivery service is a more expensive option, but well worth it when you consider the competing requirements of your schedule and your health.

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