Eat these 4 foods to lower your cancer risk

There will be an estimated 138,321 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia this year. That’s a sobering statistic, but we can take action now to lower our risk. And excuse the cliche, but prevention really is better than cure.

Where do we start?

Simple: with what’s on our plate. We’ve gathered four of the best foods that may help to prevent cancer to share with you today.

Fit in more oily fish

Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are full of omega-3 fatty acids. Why is this important? This type of fatty acid is linked to a reduced risk of cancer.

Not into fish? You can also get omega-3s from plant-based sources such as flax seeds.

Add more fish to your diet. Try our grilled fish with green lentil and vegetable ragu.

Fight back with cruciferous veg

Cruciferous veg like cabbage, kale, cauliflower and broccoli all have astonishing cancer-fighting properties, but it’s broccoli that beats out the competition.

Broccoli contains an ample quantity of sulforaphane, an unusually potent plant phytochemical that flushes out cancer-causing chemicals and increases the body’s protective enzymes.

Try our chopped kale power salad with lemon tahini dressing or kung pao chicken with Chinese broccoli.

Go for green tea

Green tea is well known as a rich source of antioxidants, and there is some evidence from early studies to imply it may help reduce the risk of cancer.

Overall, studies show drinking tea is likely to be beneficial although it isn’t clear just how powerful it is when it comes to reducing your cancer risk.

Top up with tomatoes

Tomatoes are the top source of lycopene, the carotenoid that is responsible for a tomato’s red colour. Lycopene is a free-radical fighting antioxidant, and we know how important they are in our bodies.

Lycopene is linked with protection against certain types of cancers such as prostate, lung and stomach cancer. Make sure to include cooked tomatoes in your diet, as the cooking is what releases the lycopene.

Add more tomato to your menu with our Milanese veal and vegetable ragu served with soft polenta, or our tomato braised Italian meatballs and five vegetable crush.

Overwhelmed? We get it, and we want to look after you. We use plenty of antioxidant-rich and cancer-preventing foods in our food. And best of all, everything also tastes delicious!

Check out our latest menu and order now. 

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