7 BOSU ball exercises to add to your workout

If you’ve seen the BOSU ball at the gym but not been sure what to do with it, today’s post is for you!

But wait, what’s a BOSU ball?

A BOSU ball (or BOSU Balance Trainer) is a piece of fitness equipment that has been around since 1999. Basically, it’s a circular rigid platform that has an inflated rubber hemisphere (sort of like a fitness ball but in half!) attached to it.

With the hemisphere side up, the BOSU ball can be used for athletic drills and activities. When the device is flipped over so that the platform faces up, the BOSU ball becomes highly unstable and can be used for many different exercises.

Here are 7 BOSU ball drills you can add to your next workout:

Shift, March, and Run

This is a warm-up that’s sure to get the blood pumping! Stand on the platform of your BOSU ball (dome side down) and shift your weight from foot to foot. Use your arms to help with balancing. Once you’re feeling comfortable step it up a notch by beginning to march (10 reps on each foot). If you want a challenge and you’re feeling balanced, begin to jog on the spot (10 reps). Repeat the series a few times.


Like regular push-ups but better. Start with the dome side down and grip the sides of your BOSU ball. Choose whether you’ll be on your knees or your toes and get pushing. An excellent exercise for your core, as well as toning the upper body.

Forearm Plank

A plank with a difference, start with the platform side down. Rest your forearms on the inflated hemisphere and assume a plank position (on your knees or your toes). Make sure you keep your shoulders above your elbows, your core activated and avoid sagging through the lower back. Hold for a minute and repeat if desired.


Start with the dome side down and one foot on the platform. The other foot steps back into a lung position. Alternate between feet. For a more intense workout, you could jump switch the feet. Repeat 20 times on each leg.

One-Legged Bridge

Place your BOSU ball platform down and lie down on your back. Bend both knees and place a foot on the ball. Extend the opposite leg towards with ceiling. Pressing into the heel on the ball, lift your hips high, squeeze your butt and slowly lower. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Boat Pose

Take boat pose up a notch with your BOSU ball, dome side down. Sit on the platform and lift your knees up to 45 degrees. Either bring your heels up to knee height or extend the legs long at an angle. You can either grip the ball or bring your arms up in front. Hold for 5 breaths and begin to add a breath each subsequent time you do the drill.

Squat and Overhead Press

Put your BOSU ball platform side down and stand on the inflated dome holding dumbells. Bend your knees and lower into a squat, keeping your knees behind toes. As you stand up lift the weights overhead and repeat (10 reps).

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