12 unique ways to spoil your Valentine

In honour of Valentine’s day, we’ve got some fun and quirky ways to show your love in this week’s blog post.

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  1. Write a love letter.
  2. Get sweaty in an F45 training session together. Take F45 up on a 7-day free trial.
  3. Plan the best Galentine’s Day (with the cutest invites) for your friends.
  4. Skip the restaurant. Why give your honey one amazing meal, when you can give them seven days worth? Order them a week’s worth of Chef Good meals.
  5. Give salsa dancing a try. If you suck, at least you’ll have a good story to tell! The Salsa Foundation in Melbourne holds free beginners classes.
  6. Explore your city. Act like a tourist for a day or evening. Hit the hotspots and take lots of photos to really get in the tourist mood.
  7. Make them a Spotify playlist with all your favourite songs (make sure you include YOUR song – you know the one).
  8. Surprise them! Who doesn’t love a surprise? It could be a flower delivery to their office or a Post It love note left on the pillow. Big or small, a surprise will make them feel super loved up.
  9. Give them a book of cute love coupons.
  10. Pretend it’s chilly outside and get cosy at the ice rink. Try your hand (foot?) at skating and then cuddle up with a hot toddy. Try the O’Brien Group Arena in Melbourne, the Ice Zoo in Sydney, or Iceworld in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.
  11. Recreate your first date. Whether it’s rewatching the first movie you saw together or heading to the restaurant you made gooey eyes at each other at.
  12. Find a photo booth in your city and take lots of photos together. Funny faces, serious and maybe even a couple of smooches – all saved to show (and embarrass) your grandkids one day.
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