The 2019 health trends you need to know about

It’s a new year and that means there is a whole raft of wellness trends ready to overtake your Instagram feed. We’re letting you in the next in on the next hot things in health. Let’s go!


You’ve probably heard of elderberries, but you might not even know what one looks like! These rich, dark berries have been used in natural medicine for years, so of course, the wellness world is now waking up to their health benefits.

It looks like elderberries have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits making them a great addition to any healthy diet. Add to a yoghurt parfait or eat on their own as a tart tasting snack.

Technical running

Running is not running anymore. If you’re not wearing a Fitbit or Apple Watch, who even are you? This is the year we’ll be going granular with running. Delving into the data and focusing on the technical nature of your training.

Go further than wearable tech, and hire a running coach for maximum results. They will keep you in check, coaching you on everything from speed to technique to breathing well.


While the last few years have been all about the almond, almond butter, milk and even almond meal in your exfoliator, 2019 is set to be the year of the cashew. And for good reason – cashews are a neutral and creamy nut making them perfect to use in non-dairy cheeses, dips, butter, milk and cream. Vegans rejoice!

Maxed out coffee

While the long black has been the health seekers goto for a long time, be on the lookout for coffees given the wellness treatment this year. We’re talking coffee with added turmeric, MCT powder, ginseng and even mushrooms like chaga, reishi and lion’s mane.

If your local cafe hasn’t caught on yet, make your own maxed out coffee at home by ordering your additions online or finding them in the aisles of your nearest health food store.


You read that right, rowing is having a moment. And we’re here for it! This calorie-busting workout will no longer be left to rich college boys or relegated to your workout warmup.

There are even dedicated rowing boutiques opening up overseas. Get a jump on this trend by hitting the rowing machine at your gym now.


It’s only been since 2017 that hemp-based foods have been legal in Australia and the wellness world is catching on. Hemp is leaving the musty hippy labels behind and finding its place on the plates of savvy health hunters. Be on the lookout for hemp hearts and milk which contain fibre, are high in protein and amino acids and also Vitamin E and minerals.

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