Keep your cool this festive season

The holidays can be a stressful time – if you let them!

We’d like you to flip the script this Christmas and New Years. Instead of getting into a spin and stressing yourself out, use our tips to keep a cool head during the festivities.  

Tips to destress over the holidays

Prioritise self-care

Sometimes when it gets busy over the holiday season, we can forget to look after ourselves. We are worrying so much about creating the perfect Christmas feast, buying the ideal gifts and decorating the tree to perfection, that we forget to take some time out and rejuvenate.

While it is the season of giving, we mustn’t forget to also give to ourselves. Because if we are burnt out wrecks by the time New Year’s Day rolls around, we’ll be of no use to anyone!

So, take a time out and do something for you. Whether that’s putting up a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the bedroom door and taking a nap, a solo walk at the beach or park, or maybe even taking yourself on a date to see a film, book it in now.

Ditch ‘perfect’ from your vocabulary

Trying to put on a perfect New Year’s Eve party, or a perfect Boxing Day brunch, or buying the perfect gifts for your in-laws? That’s a recipe for a stress meltdown.

Instead of going for perfect, embrace the mantra: “Good enough is good enough”. Choose the things that are most important to you and your family, and focus on them. The rest of the festivities? Be satisfied with good enough.

Travel light

If you’re one of many of us who is hitting the road or the air this holiday season, think about lightening your load – literally!

Choose smaller, lighter gifts to take with you. Or pick something up when you’re there. Try buying slim gift cards or giving ‘experiences’ instead – entertain friends and family with a beautiful meal or take them on an adventure!

Schedule time off

It might seem silly, but scheduling some time ‘off’ while you’re on holidays is crucial. We can get so caught up in end of year tasks, parties and other activities that we forget to relax on our break!

In amongst your busy schedule of family events and catch up with friends, make the time to slow down and enjoy some downtime either by yourself or with your nearest and dearest. Get out and enjoy some fantastic summer weather by heading to the beach or into the mountains. Even an evening stroll around your neighbourhood can feel like a luxury in such a hectic time.

Get smart about cleaning

Having the rellies over for a festive party or lunch and need the house to be spotless? Our tips:

  • Focus on the essential areas like the kitchen and dining room. The places you’ll be spending the most time in. Don’t worry about the kids’ bedrooms or the garden shed – no one’s going to see them anyway.
  • Delegate, delegate, delegate! You’ve only got two hands, so it’s time to call in the cavalry. Get your partner, kids or roomies together, and you’ll positively race through your cleaning chores.
  • Save the deep cleaning till after your event. Aunty Mavis is going to spill her champagne anyway and Uncle Russell is bound to drop his plate of food too, so wait till after the party to get the carpets cleaned, and walls washed down!

Keep your routines

When work, school and university schedules are thrown out the window; it can be hard to keep a routine. Routines make us feel organised and on top of things though. So, make an effort to keep your morning and evening routines intact as much as you can. This includes your healthy eating habits and exercise routine!

Ask for help before you’re desperate

We mentioned delegation before, and it’s not just important when it comes to cleaning. Delegate food preparation, cooking, decorating, trips to the grocery store – the options are endless!

Taking things of your own to do list will leave you feeling like the weight has been taken off your shoulders and free you up to enjoy your holiday season.

Delegate to Chef Good

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