Is keto bad for you?

If you haven’t heard the word ‘keto’ thrown into conversation lately (in real life or online), where have you been? It’s probably the most prominent health trend around at the moment. Everyone and their dog is spruiking keto as a magical diet to answer all of your health needs. But is keto all its cracked up to be? Most importantly, is it healthy for you?

We’ll start by delving into what keto is.

Keto is short for ‘ketosis’. Ketosis is a state which occurs when you eat a low to no carb diet and byproducts called ‘ketones’ build up in your bloodstream. When this happens, the body begins to break down fat to use as energy (this is how the ketones are created). Ketosis is a natural state, and in itself, it isn’t necessarily harmful. But today’s focus is the ketogenic diet, which claims to put your body in this state.

Keto fans say it helps with losing weight, reducing inflammation, better metabolic regulation, boosting energy and a bunch of other cool benefits. But as with most trendy diets, most people who turn to keto can’t sustain the diet and will often put back on any weight lost.

The biggest problem with keto is the focus on carbohydrates (or lack thereof). Carbs are only a small part of ‘health’ or ‘wellness’ and losing sight of everything but ketone levels isn’t a smart move.

Instead, keto should be seen as a helpful tool in your health arsenal, a small part of your overall, well-rounded approach to wellness.

Let’s get a bit more specific about the issues with the ketogenic diet:

The long-term effects haven’t been studied

The popularity of keto has risen over the past couple of years, not giving researchers enough time to do any long-term studies. No one can say what the effects of keto could be 10 or 20 years down the track.

Limits on fresh veg and fruit

Keto restricts fresh fruits and vegetables, meaning our body misses out on micronutrients like vitamins and minerals as well as essential fibre and prebiotics. All of these things have been studied and are linked to short and long-term positive health outcomes—unlike the ketogenic diet.

The diet is high in red meat and other fatty foods

Like the other low-carb diets to come before it (Paleo, Atkins, South Beach or the Dukan Diet), keto can be heavy on red meat, fatty, processed and salty foods—all studied at length and linked to adverse health outcomes.

The verdict on keto

As always, at CHEFGOOD, we are proponents of a sustainable and healthy diet which is unprocessed and rich in its variety. We love to use healthy fats (like olive oil, avocado and quality butter), heaps of fresh, local and colourful fruit and veg and tasty lean meats, poultry and fish in our meal plans. The CHEFGOOD way is not a trend or a fad, it’s a proven diet for a long, vibrant and healthy life. So instead of falling into keto mania, make a smarter decision and order with CHEFGOOD.

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