Chef Good ingredient spotlight: Sweet potato

The humble sweet potato: Delicious and a nutritional powerhouse! Here are 6 health benefits of sweet potatoes:

They are a good source of iron

Iron plays an important role in providing us with adequate energy and helps with blood cell production, stress response and im­mune functioning. And the sweet potato? It’s packed full or iron!

Lots of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 promotes the reduction of the chemical homocysteine in our systems. Homocysteine has been associated with degenerative diseases, like heart attacks and eye disease. Lucky for us, the sweet potato contains plenty of vitamin B6.

Sweet potato doesn’t give us a sugar-rush

While sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, they don’t release sugar quickly into our bloodstream – therefore avoiding blood sugar spikes. Instead, they are a steady source of energy that doesn’t come with an after eating energy dip.

A good source of mag­nesium

Magnesium is well known as an aid for relaxation, but it is also necessary for heart, blood, bone, muscle and nerve health. So grab your sweet potatoes folks, and get munching!

High in potassium

Electrolytes, such as potassium, help regulate nerve signals, our heartbeat and muscle contractions, as well as playing an important role in reducing swelling and regulating our kidneys.

High in vitamin C

Vitamin C isn’t just helpful in keeping colds and flu at bay, it also plays a really important role in bone health, digestion and blood cell production. Vitamin C also helps with wound healing, the production of collagen and it is a great vitamin for helping with stress.

Get your sweet potato fix!

Try it in our roasted sweet potato and quinoa salad with toasted corn and black beans, served with coriander yoghurt vinaigrette.

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