#askchefgood What’s a ‘flexitarian’?

Recent research in the UK shows that people are eating less and less meat, with many people choosing to go vegetarian a couple of days a week. The term ‘flexitarian’ has been coined for this new way of eating. 

The three BIG benefits of becoming a flexitarian

Flexitarians eat less meat and poultry than what would be considered average and they reap the benefits of this choice:

  • First up, it’s great for the environment. The UN recognises animal agriculture as the number one reason behind climate change. Cutting down on your meat consumption will lead to less deforestation from animal farming, less methane being released into our atmosphere and saving water normally used for animals or growing the crops animals eat. Talk about more efficient.
  • Secondly, your body will thank you. You’ve probably heard that the World Health Organization has classified red meat as probably carcinogenic to humans. It’s no wonder people are ditching the meat a few times a week!
  • Lastly, it’s kind to the animals. The other big perk of eating less meat? You’re cutting down on your contribution to animal slaughter.

With all of these benefits right at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you try out the flexitarian lifestyle? If you find you’re loving your meat free days, you might even take it a step further… read Chef Good’s guide on vegetarianism right here.

It’s easy!

Does adding more vegetarian meals into your week leave you uninspired or feeling a bit unprepared? Chef Good is here to help! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get all the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. So, we have a full range of chef-prepared vegetarian meals available for you to have delivered straight to your door.

You can either choose a complete vegetarian menu, or you can swap out a few meals a week to start your flexitarian journey – simple!

Chef Good has pulled out all the flavour-stops with these veggie meals. They are packed with all the creativity that is expected from top-shelf chefs. And, we promise these meals will leave your foodie tastes more than satisfied.

Check out a range of veggie meals here.

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