What are antioxidants and how can I add more into my diet? #askchefgood

We talk about antioxidants a LOT here at Chef Good. But what’s the big deal, why are they so good for us?

Chef Good’s Head Nutritionist Caitlin Burnett tells us that, “Antioxidants are important to include in our diet as they help to fight free radical damage.”

Free radicals are formed as by-products when certain chemical reactions take place in our bodies. Some of these free-radicals have a bad rep as they cause damage to our cells.

Caitlin says,“This cellular damage can be caused by factors such as pollution, smoking, alcohol and stress.”

“It’s important to protect the body from free radical damage in order to prevent disease such as cardiovascular disease, inflammation in the joints, ageing and deterioration of eye health.”

Antioxidant benefits

So by upping our antioxidants, we can help to avoid:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Cancer
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Cardiovascular disease

How can I add more antioxidants into my diet?

1. Eat your 5 and 2

The best and most simple way to add more antioxidants into your diet is to make sure you’re including five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit into your daily intake of food.

What does a ‘serve’ mean? For example, a serve of vegetables is one cup of leafy greens or half a cup of cooked veg (think: broccoli, carrot, pumpkin or mushrooms). A serve of fruit is one piece – a banana or an apple for example.

Time to be honest, are you really getting your fruit and veg in?

antioxidant benefits

2. Eat the rainbow

Fruits and vegetables which are particularly high in antioxidants are rich and vibrant in colour so the perfect way to ensure you’re getting lots in is to eat from the rainbow.

Red: Pomegranate, apple, watermelon, raspberry, tomato and red cabbage.

Purple/Blue: Plum, eggplant, blueberry, blackberry and purple grapes.

Green: Broccoli, kale, spinach, kiwi fruits, avocado and grapes.

Yellow/Orange: Banana, pineapple, papaya, peach, lemon, carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato.


3. Order with Chef Good

We love antioxidants! That’s why we make sure all of our meals are packed with them. It also means that you don’t have to worry about making sure you’re including them in your diet – we’ve done it all for you. Plus our meals are chef prepared with fresh local ingredients and taste amazing!

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