6 New Year’s Resolutions you should make (and keep!)

Ugh, another post about new year’s resolutions? How original – not!

We’re going to stop you right there because we believe in these resolutions and we don’t think they are just only suitable for this particular time of year. Set these intentions any time you please, we promise you’ll feel better for it.

These are resolutions you’ll not only want to set; you’ll want to keep them!

Eat mindfully

Are you guilty of distracted eating? Like eating in front of the TV, snacking while scrolling through Instagram or slamming down a quick meal en route in the car. Don’t worry; it’s not just you. Distracted eating has taken on epic proportions, and we’re all guilty of it. So, let’s move away from this destructive habit.

To eat mindfully, you need to immerse yourself in the experience fully. Turn off whatever screen is in front of you and sit down to your meal. Eat slowly and savour each bite. Taste your food! Feel the different textures and enjoy the meal to its fullest potential.

Psychologically, when you’re paying attention to eating you will actually be more satisfied with your meal. Brilliant!

Ditch the fad diets

At Chef Good, we believe that fad diets are not only harmful, but they’re also no fun. We want you to enjoy eating, to savour your food and to relish the whole experience.

We know that when you eat a healthy and balanced diet that leaves you feeling satisfied, you will probably lose weight (especially if you choose one of our calorie controlled menus!). But, maybe, more importantly, you’ll want to stick with it because you enjoy the food!

So, it’s time to swear off fad diets for good and order your Chef Good meals instead.

Fill up the tank with the good stuff

So many new year’s resolutions are about giving things up. Like cutting out carbs or nixing fat. What if, instead, we resolved to ADD more of something? Like, more good food. Food that is great for our bodies (and our waistline). Food that we love to eat and look forward to chowing down on.

What if we resolve to eat more of the good stuff? More veggies, whole grains, fruit and lean meat. More yummy lentils and tasty yoghurt. More herbs and spices. More delicious meals that make us feel and look fantastic.

And what if this resolution didn’t mean extra time or work in the kitchen? That’s a winner for sure. Order your Chef Good meals now.

Declutter and cleanse your kitchen

This is your reminder that you need to clean out the fridge and purge the pantry. Throw out anything out of date or off first. Then make sure you get rid of the nasty and unhealthy products that tempt you on a nightly basis.

The best bit of this process is that you get to fill the space you’ve made with healthy options instead. Sure, you could head to the supermarket and try to make good choices yourself, but wouldn’t it be better if someone did it for you?

And what if that someone, also took those ingredients and whipped them up into delicious, tasty, satisfying and healthy meals for you?

And what if that someone was a chef who also organised to have those meals delivered to your doorstep?

While it might sound too good to be true, we can promise you it’s not. We’re here to be that someone for you.

Get to bed (and wake up) on time

You undoubtedly know how important getting enough sleep is by now. But did you know that it’s just as important to get on a regular sleep schedule?

This means you’re going to bed and waking up at around the same time each night and day. Yes, even on the weekend.

A regular sleep schedule is key to feeling well rested, firing on all cylinders cognitively and your general wellbeing.

Disconnect regularly

Thanks to the wonders of the internet and modern technology, it’s becoming increasingly hard to ‘switch off’. We’re seemingly always available, just a swipe away from being contactable. We’re overloaded with information regularly, social media, news on our phone and messages pinging at all hours. Just writing this is making us feel anxious!

Commit to turning the devices off at a specific time. What to do instead? Talk with your partner, children or roommates. Read a book. Play a board game. Colour in. Exercise. Start a new hobby. Do a puzzle. Mediate. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back!


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