5 tips to avoid bingeing on junk food

It’s 3 pm and lunch is but a distant memory. You’re stalking the office hallways looking for sustenance. You size up the vending machine. Chocolate or chips? You decide to get both. It takes you about 30 seconds to eat both and within 20 minutes you’re looking for more…

If this is you, you’re not alone! So we’ve pulled together our favourite five tips to avoid a junk food binge:

Crowd it out

It’s easy to reach for junk food when we’re hungry and not feeling satisfied. So our first tip is to crowd out the junk food by filling up on healthy and delicious food instead.

If we’re feeling satiated and content, you’re much less likely to grab an unhealthy snack from the vending machine, coffee shop or supermarket.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead goes hand in hand with the crowding out strategy. To effectively crowd out junk food we need to ensure we have healthy food on hand and at the ready.

This means planning healthy and filling meals and making sure wholesome snacks are available. We can help! Order before 11.30pm Tuesday to get your order of healthful and delicious food this Sunday.

Manage your stress

Often we’re not actually hungry when we start mindlessly snacking on junk. One of the reasons we reach for sugary and fatty snacks is because we’re feeling stressed.

Instead, if you’re feeling stressed out why not try:

  • A yoga class
  • Going for a walk outside
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Reading a book
  • Speaking to someone

Stick to the perimeter

We mean the perimeter of the supermarket. On the edges of the supermarket, you’ll find your fresh produce: meat, deli, dairy and fruit and veg. In the aisles, you’re more likely to find processed and junk food.

If you avoid these aisles, you’ll be able to bypass temptation altogether. You’ll also find that some supermarkets have chocolate-free checkouts so go through these if available.

Healthy fats and protein

When you eat a diet that includes ample protein and healthy fats, you’ll find that you’re feeling satisfied longer.

Chef Good designs menus in conjunction with a nutritionist to ensure that we provide you with the perfect balance of macro and micronutrients. This balance is necessary to not only avoid tempting junk food but also to live a healthy life.



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