5 diabetes myths

Whether you have been recently diagnosed or you have been living with diabetes for some time, the wealth of diabetes information can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to ascertain fact from fiction with so much information available to you. That’s why we’ve collected our type five diabetes myths for you in today’s post.

1. Only overweight or obese people can develop Diabetes 2

While being overweight or obese is a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes, it’s not a direct cause. In fact, there are overweight and obese people who don’t develop the disease! And, on the flip side,  people within the healthy weight range who do.

2.  Diabetes means you need to self-administer shots

While some people with diabetes will be required to self-administer injections of insulin, this isn’t for everyone. In some cases, oral medications or insulin pens are used. And in others, diabetes can be managed with lifestyle changes.

3. If you have diabetes, you have to follow a special diabetic diet

Diabetes Victoria says, “Healthy eating for people with diabetes is no different to what is recommended for everyone – there is no such thing as a diabetes diet!”

“The key to managing type 2 diabetes is achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight, making healthier food choices and being as active as you can be every day.”

4. You can prevent diabetes

Some types of diabetes can’t be prevented, but research tells us that up to 58% of Type 2 diabetes can be!

While there is no single cause of Type 2 diabetes, there are many well-recognised risk factors. Check out our article on six lifestyle changes to manage (or prevent!) diabetes for more on this.

5. Using insulin means I don’t have to change my lifestyle

On initial diagnosis of diabetes two, it’s likely you will be able to manage your diabetes with lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, quitting smoking etc.) and oral medications. However, over time, insulin may be required. Nonetheless, lifestyle factors remain just as relevant to the management of your diabetes!

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