4 tips to avoid sugar overload on Halloween

Look, we don’t want to be party poopers, but Halloween is a time where one snack-size chocolate can quickly become eight chocolates, a bag of snakes, some sour worms and a handful of candy corn for good measure. We both know that this isn’t good for us, isn’t going to make us feel amazing and isn’t going to help us maintain or lose weight.

While Halloween traditionally hasn’t been a widespread tradition here in Australia, it’s certainly on the rise with more trick or treaters out than ever before. An increase in Halloween celebrating means more lollies coming home from the kids and more chocolate sitting by the door ready to dole out (lest you get tricked!).

Avoid sugar overload on Halloween!

So how can we keep the sugar overload on lockdown this Halloween? We’ve got a few tips to share with you.

Keep your portions under control

The idea here is to have only a few treats rather than going on an all out Halloween binge. If you have trouble sticking to a small amount, throw the rest in the bin or hide it out of sight, keeping temptation at bay.

Invite the Switch Witch over

If you have trick or treating children, it can be difficult to take away their sugary haul without a fight occurring. Instead, invite the Switch Witch over to swap their lollies and chocolate for either healthier alternatives or a toy, book or other non-food treats.

Try some healthier alternatives

Do your bit for your neighbourhood and make some of your own healthier alternatives to give to trick or treaters and snack on yourself! Try bliss balls, fruit kabobs, healthy raw chocolates or homemade caramel popcorn. Check out Pinterest for tonnes of imaginative, healthy Halloween treats.

Avoid other sugar sources

If you know you’re going to be consuming extra sugar around Halloween, it’s time to pull back in other areas of your diet. Nix dessert, sugary snacks, fruit juices and anything with hidden sugars to try and balance out the lollies and chocolate you’re eating.

We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for avoiding sugar overload during Halloween – let us know on our Facebook or Instagram!


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