31 Things you can do instead of cooking

Our post for you today is pretty simple, it’s just some of the things you can do when you order CHEFGOOD instead of meal planning, shopping, prepping and cooking.


  1. Take up Ultimate frisbee
  2. Meditate
  3. Build a DIY coffee table
  4. Learn a language
  5. Practice yoga
  6. Start your dream business (even if it’s a side hustle for now)
  7. Do a puzzle
  8. Catch up on the ‘must-see’ Netflix series you missed
  9. Make your own body scrub
  10. Train for a 5K, 10K or even a marathon
  11. Write a letter
  12. Make and tend your herb garden
  13. Have friends over to play board games                                                                                                             
  14. Get to the gym
  15. Teach yourself to code
  16. Make art
  17. Give yourself a pedicure
  18. Watch YouTube tutorials
  19. Declutter your closet and donate unwanted stuff
  20. Go for a jog around your neighbourhood
  21. Spend time with your kids
  22. Volunteer your time
  23. Take your sweetheart out to a film
  24. Try Pilates
  25. That one life admin task you’ve been putting of forever
  26. Write a poem or song
  27. Go bowling
  28. Clean out your pantry
  29. Set goals
  30. Listen to an album start to finish (bonus points if it’s on vinyl!)
  31. Plan your next holiday
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