3 reasons you shouldn’t skip breakfast

Are you one of the half of Australians who skip breakfast? Whether you mean to or not, you’re starting the day off on the wrong foot if you are.

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Breaking your fast, and doing so with a healthy meal, is imperative to a wholesome, productive and energetic day. And we’re going to give you the reasons why in this post.

Begin the day the way you mean to continue

One the most common reasons for people skipping breakfast is not feeling hungry when they wake up. But did you know that not eating breakfast can lead to overeating later?

So, one of the reasons for NOT skipping breakfast is to stop you overindulging later in the day. Don’t wait till you’re ravenous to eat; it’s likely you’ll eat more than you need to or want to.

Also, make sure you’re making smart choices in the morning by being prepared the night before. By having breakfast ready you’re less likely to skip it or pick up takeaway on your way to work.

(Not a meal prepper? No worries, we’ll do it for you.)

Keep your blood sugar in check

Research shows that eating breakfast helps restore glycogen and stabilises your insulin levels. What happens if you don’t top up your glucose levels? You’ll be hangry! That’s hungry, tired, cranky and angry – no thanks.

Make sure to eat a breakfast that’s low GI, so you avoid a big sugar high, and it’s inevitable sugar crash. Look for whole grains, healthy fats and no-added-sugar options.

Stress less

Did you know that breakfast brings down your ‘stress hormone’ cortisol? That’s right, when you’re cortisol levels are peaking in the morning, a good meal will help to bring them back down. Fun fact: your adrenal glands produce cortisol which helps the body use fat and sugar for energy and is a player in managing stress.

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Skipping breakfast for a coffee instead? Quit this habit as it’s putting more pressure on those adrenals, adding a dose of caffeine to your already naturally occurring cortisol. Both of these things can leave you feeling anxious and jittery. If you do partake in a morning coffee, make sure to pair it with a wholesome breakfast and plenty of water.

Why would you want to skip breakfast when you could have one of these?

  • Scrambled eggs, mushroom, grilled tomato & basil, six-grain sourdough toast, butter
  • Spiced breakfast beans, feta mint pesto
  • Vanilla peach bircher muesli, sticky date yoghurt
  • Vegetable breakfast pancake, tomato & roasted red pepper relish
  • Wholemeal zucchini, honey & nutmeg bread; orange blossom yoghurt

Sound good? Check out our full menus this way.

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