27 things you can add to your morning routine

A killer morning routine can set you up for a day of productivity and success. In fact, we’ve written about morning routines previously – that’s how much we dig them. In our previous post, we listed a few ideas that you could add to your morning routine. Today we’ll be expanding on those ideas and adding a whole lot more to the list.

Read on for 27 activities you can add to your morning routine.

  1. Make a coffee AND drink a glass of water

    Coffee in moderation has been shown to have lots of benefits including better memory, boosted energy levels and improved cognitive function. It also has a dehydrating effect on the body, so make sure you’re chasing your espresso with a big glass of water.

  2. Morning pages

    Morning pages is an idea that comes from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. The idea is to grab your journal or notebook, along with a pencil or pen, immediately on waking and write three pages of anything. It’s what’s known as a ‘stream of consciousness’, no editing or thinking – just let it flow. It’s a great way to clear the metaphorical decks of your mind to start the day fresh.

  3. Plan the day ahead

    Grab your paper planner or iCal and get your day scheduled. Drop in any appointments and reminders. Schedule out mealtimes, work commitments and your workout time. You could also use this time to write a to-do list of all the tasks you’d like to tick off. Remember to leave some time for fun and relaxation!

  4. Start the night before

    A successful morning routine starts the night before! You could try moving your planning to the evening before to free up time in the morning.

  5. Plan your meals

    Whether it’s scouring Pinterest for meal inspiration or ordering your CHEFGOOD meals, it can feel great to get your food needs met first thing. This way you’ll be prepared and won’t have to take up valuable mind space thinking about meals throughout the day.

  6. Listen to a great audiobook or podcast

    Use your morning to listen to a favourite novel or the latest true crime podcast episode. You could listen in the shower, while you’re eating breakfast or on your commute.

  7. Meditate

    If you’re just starting out, it can be helpful to listen to a guided meditation. Try apps like Headspace or Insight Timer for a massive range of different meditations – from gratitude to self-love to wealth-creation, you’ll be sure to find a meditation to suit you.

  8. Break down a project into manageable tasks

    We’ve all know those projects that seem insurmountable and thoroughly overwhelming. This idea is about taking those tasks and chunking them down into more easily digested bits. Break it down into small and specific steps, and soon it won’t seem so difficult to begin.

  9. Brush your teeth

    Yes, you probably already do this but are you doing it with your mind on other things? Whether you’re on Facebook or watching the news while you’re brushing, you’re probably on autopilot. Instead, take two minutes and mindfully brush your teeth – no distractions allowed!

  10. Move!

    Whether it’s a run, workout or stretch, getting your body moving in the morning is one of the best ways you can start your day. There is tonnes of research backing this up, showing that even small amounts of exercise have positive effects on your physical and mental health.

  11. Create and play a morning playlist

    You know those songs that get you pumped? Put them all together in a playlist and get those tunes going to get YOU going! If you’re not feeling creative, there are ready-made morning motivation playlists on Spotify to get your morning off on the right foot.

  12. Review your goals and intentions

    For many of us we begin the year with goals, whether they be big or small, but often they can get left behind in the busyness of everyday life. Use your mornings as a time to reflect on your goals and create plans to achieve them.

  13. Capture a memory

    Whether you write it in a journal, paste a photo in a scrapbook or collect a 1-second video to add to a yearly montage (there’s an app you can use), use your morning to capture a memory.

  14. Script out your ideal day (or review your script)

    A powerful tool in creating your best life is scripting. Writing out your perfect day is an easy way to get started. Start your script from the moment you wake up, right up until your head hits the pillow and you fall asleep at night. Include lots of details and don’t hold back. Review your script regularly (perhaps daily as a part of your morning routine!).

  15. Get inspired online

    If you just HAVE to go online in the morning, let’s at least keep it positive. Instead of jumping straight into the quagmire of social media and news, why not try reading an interesting blog or watching an inspiring or educational TED talk instead?

  16. Journal your dreams

    Making notes on what you remember from your dreams can be a fun way to start your day. You could even decipher your dreams with the help of a dream interpretation website or book!

  17. Rebound

    Have you tried rebounding yet? People swear by it to tone up, clear the sinuses, improve creativity and support the lymphatic system. Rebound by jumping on a small trampoline.

  18. Write a gratitude list

    Writing down the things, people and circumstances that you’re grateful for will not only bring you joy in the moment, but it also helps to rewire your brain pathways so you can see the positive more often in the future.

  19. A squeeze of lemon in water

    Said to kickstart the metabolism, try some warm water with fresh lemon juice to wake up your digestive system.

  20. Perform an act of kindness

    What better way to start the day then to be kind! Whether you send someone a love note, give heartfelt thanks to your barista or drop a few coins in a donation tin, doing something kind will instantly boost your mood.

  21. Open the blinds

    Natural light literally wakes the body up, sending all the right signals to your brain. So as soon as you get up don’t turn on the lights, instead pull back the curtains or roll up the blinds. It’ll also save you on your electricity bill!

  22. Get creative

    For many people, the morning is the time they feel most creative. Capture this energy by spending some time on a creative project. It could be writing a chapter of your novel, working on a new painting or recording your latest YouTube video.

  23. Eat your breakfast

    You didn’t think we’d forget breakfast, did you? At CHEFGOOD we stand by a healthy and nutritious breakfast, as the best thing you can do to amp up your morning routine. Order yours now.

  24. Eat a frog

    That task you’ve been meaning to do forever, but you keep putting it off? Now is the time to get it out of the way. Once you’ve done it (booked the dentist appointment, reached out to the literary agent, registered for the open mic night… whatever it is), the rest of the day will be a piece of cake.

  25. Say your affirmations

    Affirmations have a reputation of being a bit “woo woo” we know, but science is catching up. Research has shown that by repeating value based affirmations, you can literally drop your stress hormone levels!

  26. Make your bed

    ‘Future you’ will thank you!

  27. Do 10 minutes of yoga

    Just ten minutes of yoga in the morning will relieve stress and anxiety, help your memory, improve your flexibility and lung capacity and lower your risk of cardiovascular issues. Why wouldn’t you do it?

    Try our five favourite AM yoga poses to get your morning routine off to a zen-beginning.

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