20 fitness hacks to get healthy fast

Look, we all want to be fit and healthy, but sometimes it just seems all too hard. So, to give you that extra boost of motivation we’ve collected 20 fitness hacks to uplevel your fitness routine and get results faster.

  1. Take it outdoors
    There is no doubt about it, an outdoor workout is SO much more energising than an indoor one. There is something about all that fresh air (oxygen anyone?), sunlight and nature that makes the hard work just a little easier.
  2. Do it first
    Get your workout done and dusted first thing in the morning. Then there is no chance you’ll skip it later!
  3. Listen up
    Download a great podcast or enthralling audiobook. You’ll keep exercising just to find out what happens next!
  4. Throw out the junk
    When you’re eating healthy, the worst thing you can do is have junk filling up the pantry. If your family still partakes in the unhealthy snacks, at least make sure they are out of view and not tempting you on each trip to the kitchen.
  5. Have fun
    Perhaps the best tip we can give you is to make sure you’re having fun. If your workout is all struggle and no enjoyment you’re less likely to stick with it. Try new things. Invite friends along. Explore new gyms, studios and outdoor spots. Keep it fresh and fun.
  6. Schedule an active meeting
    Instead of sitting in the office or going to the coffee shop for a meeting, schedule meetings around a type of movement. Whether it’s a walk outdoors, hitting the treadmill or stationary bike or maybe having a stretch, use your session as a time to move and think.
  7. Invite a friend
    When we’re held accountable by a friend, we’re so much more likely to stick to an active lifestyle. Not only will your frequency increase, but it’s more likely your actual exercise quality will also improve, and you’ll see better results.
  8. Use an app
    There are lots of great fitness apps out there, all designed to improve your workout performance and keep you motivated. Here are just a few:

  9. Add a minute
    Are you someone who is easily overwhelmed and unlikely to start a fitness routine if it sounds too long and hard? This one is for you. Choose your exercise (e.g. running) and do it for one minute. That’s it. Just a minute. Add a minute for each additional day until you’ve worked up to a consistent quality workout time.
  10. Use ad breaks wisely
    Turn commercial breaks into opportunities for a mini-workout. Squats, planking, burpees, crunches… whatever it is, do it every ad break.
  11. Get your beauty sleep
    Yes, we’re telling you to sleep more! Getting proper and adequate sleep helps your circadian rhythm to stay in tune, keeping appetite, body weight and blood pressure under control.
  12. Time your playlists
    So, you want to exercise for 30 minutes? Make a playlist that’s 30 minutes long! This will stop you looking at the clock all the time, just keep going till your playlist ends.
  13. Make the in-between count
    Called ‘mundane multi-tasking’, use the in-between moments of your day to sneak in some movement. Like banging out some squats while you’re brushing your teeth. Or walking to work. Or balancing on one leg while waiting for the bus. Or taking the stairs.
  14. Stand up
    Take any opportunity to stand up during your day. Simply standing will burn more kilojoules than sitting. So take the stairs, get off the bus a stop early and walk the extra, or set up a standing desk at work.
  15. Keep a gym bag at the ready
    If you’re always prepared for a workout with a change of clothes, towel and drink bottle, you can jump at any opportunity to fit one in.
  16. Get a trainer
    The ultimate in accountability, hiring and paying a PT or other instructor will keep you turning up to workout and also make sure you’re getting the most out of your time.
  17. Be specific
    Specific health and fitness goals are a great way to motivate yourself. If you’re someone who loves to kick goals, tick of to-do lists and make deadlines, take advantage of this natural inclination!
  18. Mix it up
    Running the same 5kms through the park every day will quickly become tedious. Whether you’re a runner or not, mixing it up can help. Try HIIT sessions, a new Pilates studio, soft sand sprints, aerial yoga… something new!
  19. Smart rewards
    Everyone loves a treat, so plan some smart rewards for hitting your health goals. Whether its some new workout gear, a massage or a meal out, give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back for all your hard work.
  20. Order in
    And by order in, we don’t mean a greasy takeaway! We mean order calorie-controlled and delicious, chef-designed meals from CHEFGOOD. It’s the easiest fitness hack you can action right now. Order today.
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