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Food terms like as ‘whole’, ‘unprocessed’ and ‘clean’ are getting thrown around a lot in recent years as a growing awareness of food value takes over Australia. Our society has become more concerned with not only the origins of food but the processes and the additives used to make them. Unfortunately for us, more often than not, the more you know about your favourite pre-made or pre-packaged food the less you will enjoy it. Soft drinks for example can contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar per can. You couldn’t imagine sitting in the lunch room and trying to eat that amount of sugar dry, so why would you drink it?\

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Sugar is not the only thing hiding in most processed foods. Have you ever tried to read the ingredients list on a manufactured meal or snack? Flavour enhancers, food colourings, preservatives and artificial sweeteners are all commonly used to improve the colour, texture or taste of processed foods. These unrecognisable numbers and impossible to pronounce ingredients are often used alongside lashing of salt, fat and sugar for added effect.

If you’ve ever cooked a delicious meal from scratch you will know it’s not necessary to open a chemistry lab and rob a sugar factory in order to make a mouth-watering meal.  Our team at ChefGood believe that real food should not have ingredients, rather, real food should be an ingredient. That’s why you won’t find any bizarre numbers or chemicals on our labels, just real recognisable ingredients that you would cook with yourself at home.

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We don’t all have time to cook good food between the rush of work and life but time restraints needn’t destroys your waistline. ChefGood work tirelessly to produce real food out of the freshest and natural ingredients we can find. We do all the measuring, mixing, cooking, melting and monitoring for you so you can enjoy the convenience without the hidden nasties.

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