Chefgood delivers delicious meals suitable for people living with diabetes

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When diagnosed with diabetes, your first port of call is a healthy eating plan. 

But what does that actually mean? 

We've made it easy for you. Our Chefs and Dietitian work together in our local

Melbourne kitchen to create delicious fresh meals that are delivered to your door.

Managing your diabetes just got a whole lot easier with Chefgood

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Your meals will be delivered to your door (order by Tuesday for Sunday  delivery)

How does it work?


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With Chefgood you can say goodbye to hours of planning and preparation, bland  food, frozen meals and boring supermarket trips studying nutrition labels. 

Say hello to the pathway to better health and peace of mind. 

Chefgood has done all the work and designed perfectly balanced, tasty and  convenient fresh food for you, all within the healthy eating guidelines. 

Better yet, we also deliver it straight to your doorstep.

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We are offering FREE, no obligation, 30-minute nutrition consultations.

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The ChefGood Way

At ChefGood we understand that with busy schedules getting in the way, it seems to be getting harder and harder to make healthy eating your priority.

Longer hours in the office, running around after the kids, or simply being a bit of a novice in the kitchen leaves you resorting to meals that might be detrimental to your health or simply be really boring to eat.

Now there is a better solution. With us you can have healthy meals that meet Diabetes Australia Healthy Eating guidelines delivered straight to your door.

As ChefGood works closely with a dietitian to create our meals, there is no need to spend your time planning around your diabetes or worrying about how your diet is affecting your health and wellbeing - we’ll do it for you.

Who's Talking About Chef Good

Nutritionist at Chef Good


"Caitlin is head nutritionist at Chef Good. In her role she meets and talks to people each day about their health goals. 

In her time, she has noticed that a similar theme comes up - people want tasty and healthy food but are too time poor to make it themselves! 

This leads to compromised decisions being made about food and health goals get left behind. 

At Chef Good, Caitlin works to make our meals healthy, fresh and delicious, thanks to the special synergy we have between nutritionist and chefs. "



"After Jon’s father died from a massive heart attack at just 55 after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Jon spent the following years reevaluating his lifestyle and trying to avoid the mistakes of the past. 

One of the biggest issues Jon faced up to was food. 

After meeting fellow co-founder Michelle Sievright and Susan McKay and enjoying their beautiful food they decided to create a style of eating which was also healthy and nutritious. 

And so Chef Good was born."

Founder at Chef Good

Diabetes-Friendly Meals Delivered

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Chef Good delivers fresh and healthy meals to your door