Be good to yourself

No time to create ridiculously delicious, healthy meals? Does the thought of someone else doing the work for you make you want to jump with joy? Want to eat like a king and still keep those cheeky kilos off? Enter Chef Good: restaurant quality meals delivered to your door.



I’m Chef Good. I’m no health nut, but I am a ‘good’ food nut. I passionately believe that good food should be affordable and accessible.  That is why I have created delicious affordable menus – which I then deliver straight to your door. Too easy.



When you eat good, fresh and portion controlled foods, packed full of natural nutrients, not only will it keep those kilos off,  but your body will reward you with vitality and energy. Sounds pretty good right? Find the perfect package for you.



We understand what it means to be overworked, under holiday-ed and shovelling takeaway in every night before you wake up and do it all again tomorrow. Let’s break the cycle, sign up for Chef Good.





Chef Good – Healthy Meals Delivery in Melbourne

Welcome to Chef Good, your solution for affordable and convenient healthy food delivery in Melbourne. Here at Chef Good, we’re all for the people who battle growling stomachs, people who resort to late night drive-thru orders on their way home from work, and the dieters who are sick of shakes and bars that taste like cardboard. We believe healthy doesn’t have to mean bland, losing weight doesn’t mean going hungry – it means smarter meal choices that are satisfying as well as delicious.

Benefits of healthy home delivered meals

With busy schedules getting in the way, it seems to be getting harder and harder to make healthy eating a priority. Longer hours in the office, running around after the kids, or simply being a bit of a novice in the kitchen leaves you resorting to meals that leave you feeling less than fantastic. Now there is a better solution. Put down that meal replacement shake, throw out your take-away menus taking over the third drawer in the kitchen, and avoid those long lines at the supermarket. With us, you can have healthy food delivered straight to your Melbourne home or office.

The Chef Good difference

Having healthy food delivered to your door is not a new concept. What makes us different is the high quality meal solutions you are provided. All of the health food we provide with each delivery is of the highest standard, and features produce sourced locally in Australia. Our meal plans are far from boring, and we are sure to have a wide variety of dishes that are sure to cater to your tastes.

Now keeping your conscience happy is just a few clicks away. We offer a range of packages to suit your individual needs with a 1200 calorie package for those looking for weight loss meals to an 1800 package that is great for those who work out or require a little more. Every package comes with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t need all that food? We also have dinner only packages to finish your day with a healthy meal that has been lovingly prepared by us.